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BodyPump Workout | The Moves


If you're after a workout that offers lasting impact, Les Mills BodyPump is the one. The secret to the effectiveness of our BodyPump class is The Rep Effect. A proven formula where muscles are exhausted through use of light weights a lots of reps to develop lean, athletic muscle.


SIDE ROTATOR RAISE – Holding a weight plate in each hand and positioning the elbows at a 90° angle, the arms are first raised outwards to the side, before rotating through the shoulder and being lifted up to the front to shoulder height. This is a great move to tone arms and shoulders.

DEAD LIFT - A classic weightlifting move. The barbell is held in front of the body and the hips are tipped backwards whilst the barbell is lowered down close to the legs, before then returning to the start position. This move is great for building strength in both the back and legs.

TRICEP EXTENSIONS – Holding a single weight plate with both hands, arms are extended above the head, before being lowered behind the head so that the elbows are at a 90° angle. This is a fantastic move for isolating and toning the muscles in the back of the upper arms.

DEAD ROW – This move starts with holding the barbell in the dead lift position. Then elbows are pulled back to bring the barbell up to your ribs. The dead row works the muscles of the arms, legs and back.

SIDE RAISE – In this move, weight plates are held in the hands, rather than using the barbell. Elbows are held at 90° angles and the arms are then raised out sideways to shoulder height, keeping the wrists straight. The side raise works the deltoids, the muscles on the outside of your shoulders.

CLEAN AND PRESS – This compound movement works several muscles including the shoulders, back, arms, legs and abdominals. The barbell is held close, in front of the body before being lifted to shoulder height whilst in a squat position and then being lifted above the head with the arms extended.

SQUAT – This is a traditional squat exercise, combined with the additional weight of the barbell being held across the upper back. This exercise helps strengthen the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Not only will these killer moves combine to offer a workout for all major muscle groups, the fat-burning benefits will continue long after your class is over.

"I love that BodyPump never gets boring. The moves are fast-paced but super varied, so your body is constantly being challenged." (Amy, BodyPump Edinburgh fan)

Throw in a playlist packed with up-tempo, high-energy music tracks, including the latest chart hits, plus remixes of classic rock songs, and you've got a workout you just can't help but move to! 

Les Mills release a new set of new routines and tracks every 3 months, and instructors regularly mix old and new routines together, so each class feels fresh yet familiar. You can even suggest a song on the Les Mills website and they may use it for a future routine!

Book your BodyPump class online or via the app. 


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