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Business Grooming Rules

Our first impressions of others are decided within the first seven seconds of meeting. So that first glimpse of your groomed (or not-so-groomed) look can say a lot about you as a person… whether it’s accurate or not.

According to recent studies, as a nation, we scrub up quite well for work.

  • 78% of us say that even without a dress code, they still make an effort to dress well and would make a clear distinction between ‘work clothes’ and ‘non-work clothes’.*
  • 68% say they’re more likely to trust a well turned out colleague to do a good job than someone in the same position who ‘didn’t make an effort’.*
  • 78% agree there’s a link between being well-groomed and growing professionally.**
  • 63.5% feel judged on their personal grooming and clothes**

We all know the phrase, ‘dress for success’. Though dependant on your office culture, the style rules can shift in many of today’s fashion-forward workplaces. Many businesses now adopt a far more relaxed approach to the old suited and booted workwear look. Though a casual dress code still needs a well-groomed look to get right.

We’ve outlined a few grooming guidelines, to ensure you arrive at work looking fresh, prepared for the day ahead, and ready to be viewed as a true business professional.


A great handshake can easily be ruined by hands in need of a little TLC. 

Gals, nails should be clean, short and if painted, polish should be neat and unchipped. (We love GELeration nails, available in the Village Spa, for a lasting high shine finish to keep your nails on top form).. go for practical, rather than statement nails. If you’re typing and you can hear the clickety clack of nails, they’re a little too long.

Guys, keep the nails short and squeaky clean. If you lift, nourish those callouses with a little moisturiser after your gym session.


Looking a little tired? Sleepy eyes and parched skin can make you look un-alert, unfocussed and unable to handle your workload. If you really are tired, take some time to wind down. (Try an Aromatherapy Massage at one of our 18 Village Spas).

If your face is looking a little lethargic, use a good moisturiser to combat dryness, apply concealer under the eyes to reduce dark circles, or try a facial to get the blood pumping for a brighter look. We love the innovative CACI facials available in the Village Spa.


When it comes to smelling good, remember that not everyone shares your passion for heavy scents or sickly sweet top notes. Go light on the fragrance.  Your colleagues shouldn’t be able to smell you unless they’re at handshaking distance.

Going for a little glow? Save the fake tan for when you get home. Nobody wants to enjoy the warm biscuity scent of your tan developing from across the office. Better still, book yourself in for a spray tan at one of our 18 Village Spas, for the perfect golden glow that won’t leave you with a whiff. 


Style your hair in a way that says ‘you can rely on me to get the job done.’ Rather than ‘you can rely on me for a great night out.’

In a nutshell, keep it clean, well-maintained, in a colour that compliments your face, and at a length that won’t choke the person behind you in the lunch queue.

As the world of workwear starts to shift with the times, many more businesses will loosen the guidelines on office attire. Some industries will no doubt hang on to their dress codes. Many hospitality employees will be required to maintain a professional, public-facing appearance through brand uniform. Though for many industries, the need for pant suits and pencil skirts is starting to fade away.

So, dressing for success will become more focussed on your grooming than your gear. Fresh complexions are the next big thing. The ‘overworked’ look is so last season.

*Study by Stormline

** Study by Influence of Personal Appearance on Hiring Decisions


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