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Foodie Faves | Diet Trends For 2019

Last year, athleisure became the workout wardrobe you’d take to dinner, Nordic was the nosh of the summer and we realised we’re actually not too sure as a nation, how much food we're eating.

When it comes to food trends, next year will see a mix of nutritional newcomers, style setters and unconventional additions to the world of wellness. So, what can you expect to be adding to your mouthwatering menu for 2019?


A sustainable food source, insects are packed with nutrition. High in fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals, many insects offer a nutritional value on par with fish or lean meat. Many insects also contain up to 80% protein, and are rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, but mealworms in particular have as much unsaturated omega-3 and six fatty acids as fish. Mmmm.

You can already buy dried mealworms, or cricket flour if you’re baking your own protein bars.  Or if you’re looking for life on the luxury side, Anty Gin from Cambridge Distillery contains the juice of sixty-two wood ants per bottle. For a snip at £210 each. Christmas list anyone?


Veganism is fast becoming a sweeping diet trend. According to the Vegan Society, the UK now has 350% more vegans than we did a decade ago, and numbers continue to rise.

Less trans fats and processed foods make for a healthier gut, whilst an increase in fibre intake and prebiotic foods does our bit for the world and wildlife around us. We’ll be chomping on Edamame beans, tempeh, tofu, mushrooms, and nori seaweed in our new meat-free meal plans. You'll find some delightful vegan options on our Village Pub menu!

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar was one of the biggest diet trends of 2018, and the most searched for diet related query on Google throughout the year before.

Its illness-busting powers range from clearing dandruff to soothing a sore throat. We hear you can even use it to add sparkle to your stainless steel!

Recent research suggests that apple cider vinegar is an appetite suppressant and so is a great weight loss supplement. It can however, also irritate your gums, throat and stomach if you’re too heavy on it, so go easy. Adding a tablespoon or two to a glass of tea or water once a day seems to be a popular way to work it.


We’re ricing it, making it into pizza dough and using it to stuff our Sunday roasts. Throw in a side of cauliflower mash, cauliflower soup or if you’re feeling brave, add some crunch to your morning smoothie.

Veggie Chips

We’re ditching the nation’s favourite fried potato in favour of oil-baked sweet potatoes, zuchinni, butternut squash… anything you can slice and fry! The opportunities are endless. Pass the ketchup.

Fusion Foods

Food inspired by the Middle East is already proving to be a hit within restaurats across the country. Spices such as turmeric, harissa, cardamom, and za’atar will lead the way with bold flavours and bright hues.


Ginger is thermogenic, helping to switch on the body’s heat-production systems and boosting metabolism during and after eating.

For a metabolic kick-start first thing, add grated ginger to warm water or sprinkle on your porridge for a real winter warmer.

Good Gut Bacteria

Available in leading supermarkets, Kefir is a cultured, fermented drink made by adding cultures of yeast and lactic acid bacteria to milk. With around 30 strains of our beloved “good” bacteria, it’s a great source of probiotics which lead to better gut health, lower blood sugar levels, cholesterol and improved digestion.

Alcohol-Free Booze

It seems our party lifestyles are taking a backseat to our quest for wellness. Boozing is so last year. So we’ll be frequenting the numerous ‘dry bars’ cropping up across the country, to enjoy booze-free spirits, saintly alcohol-free wines and sodas crafted from elderflower, nettle, ginseng and rhubarb. (Try a mocktail in the Village Pub!)

A Fourth Meal

“It’s not about gluttony, it’s about adapting our meal times to our busy lives, ” says the annual report of Waitrose Food & Drink 2017-18.  Whether it’s a snack between breakfast and lunch or a light bite between lunch and dinner, many of us will add one more meal to our daily routine.

What will you be tucking into after a Village Gym fitness class? Share your culinary creativity and saintly snacks on our Instagram page!


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