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Free Workouts

Free Online Workouts 

It's not always possible to get to the gym so for those times when you're stuck at home, it's great to have a selection of online workouts to replicate the gym experience at home.

Although working out from home comes with its challenges, it’s still possible to keep on smashing your fitness goals with minimal equipment and a little help from Village. Our YouTube channel is packed full of free workout videos you can follow along from home, ranging from quick and intense HIIT sessions that will get your heart pumping to relaxing Yoga classes to help you stretch out and unwind.

Whether you’re a regular at classes or looking to try out something new, there’s free exercise videos to suit all abilities on our YouTube channel. Learn the ropes with a beginners tutorial or challenge yourself with an advanced level class- all from the comfort of your living room!

With fitness at your fingertips there’s no need for your routine to go out the window. Here’s a look at the types of workouts on offer, brought to you by our very own Village Gym instructors.

Quick Blast Workouts

Your hectic schedule may mean you can’t put a full hour of your day aside for working out, but you still want to fit some movement into your day. Our quick blast online workouts are great if you’re pushed for time, and are intense enough to still burn some serious calories! Just 20 minutes of serious sweating will have you feeling energised and help maintain your fitness.

Throw some shapes with this quick Zumba fitness video…


Step up your exercise routine with HIIT Step, a high energy online workout that pushes you to new limits. Following the principles of High Intensity Interval, Training, using only your body weight and a step, HIIT step is choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK’s top House DJs. While you can follow along using the bottom step of your stairs, you’ll get the full benefits of the class by getting your hands on an aerobic step- a versatile piece of kit that’s worth the investment.

Try out this 20 min HIIT Step workout… 

Get your Physical Company step from our online shop with 20% off for members.

Tone it up…

Looking to mix up your cardio with some targeting toning? We’ve got you covered with our free workout videos! Come out of lockdown with a rock hard core and a firm booty by adding our easy to follow at home toning workouts to your fitness routine. All you’ll need is your device and a soft flat surface and a love for the satisfying burn of an intense toning and strengthening session!

Give this Booty Blast workout a go.

Need a floor mat? Get yours here.

No equipment cardio

With ongoing lockdowns it seems that home workout kit has once again become like gold dust and it can be hard to get your hands on anything decent without breaking the bank! Most of our free home workout videos are no equipment needed, leaving you with no excuse not to get your sweat on at home! Our range of online Burn workouts are a great way to get your heart racing and your body moving to the beat of a pumping soundtrack without forking out for any swish gym kit.

Try this Burn Speed workout.


With everything going on in the world right now, as a nation, our mental well being has taken a pretty hard knock! You’ll find a range of free holistic workouts on our YouTube channel to help you take some time out of your day to switch off from the world whilst working on your posture, strength and flexibility.

Start off with this Beginners Pilates Workout.


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