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Spa Etiquette...From Nudity To Noise Levels

If you’re new to the world of The Spa, you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about how your spa visit will go and what you can expect on arrival.  Our Village Spa team work hard to ensure that from the minute you enter their heavenly haven of relaxation, you’re cosy, comfortable and ready to unwind.

So, we caught up with them to put together a few tips to guide you through your spa experience…


Whilst of course you’ll want to catch up on emails, chat with friends and share your spa snaps on Instagram, if you’re tapping away at a tiny screen, you’re not fully relaxing.  Don't worry... there'll be plenty of time for perfecting your pose once you leave with that post-spa glow! The general etiquette for spa treatments is that you leave your mobile and tablet devices with your belongings.  This way, you, and your fellow spa guests can enjoy peace and tranquility.


If you’d prefer your massage a little lighter, or with a dose of extra pressure, it’s fine to let your therapist know. It’s their job to ensure you truly enjoy your spa treatment, so if there’s a way they can tailor it perfectly to your tastes, they will. If you’d prefer the music off, that’s fine. If you’re not feeling quite as toasty warm as you’d like, speak up… nobody likes cold feet!


Because we’ve all wondered! If you’re having a full body massage, don’t worry about having to bare all. Your therapist will use draping techniques to keep as much of you covered, with the exception of the areas they are working on. This ensures you keep your modesty, and also that you stay warm and snug throughout.


If you’ve booked a spray tanning treatment, the spa team advise that you wax 48 hours beforehand or shave the day before. This allows the skin to recover and the pores to close, preventing tell-tale blotches.

In preparation for your spray tan, you’ll be provided with a pair of paper knickers, to avoid staining your own clothing, and allow you to keep your modesty.

Turning up to a tanning treatment with a full face of make-up isn’t ideal either. Most spray tans won’t develop over make-up, so if you plan for a golden glow, take the make-up off before you arrive.


If you’ve enjoyed a workout or a dip in the pool before your body treatment, it’s advisable that you shower before your treatment commences. This ensures any sweat, chlorine or chemicals isn’t massaged into your skin. Clean skin also makes for a smoother massage.


Falling asleep during a massage lets your therapist know that you’re truly relaxed. So if you fancy a snooze during your treatment, please do go ahead and drift off.


Many guests prefer to enjoy their treatments quietly, listening to the soothing sounds played in the treatment room. Others like to enjoy a chat with their therapist. If you’d prefer not to have complete silence, that’s ok. Our therapists are very friendly and always happy to chat with you, or leave you in peace. They’ll simply follow your lead.


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