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Group Cycling Tips For Beginners


Indoor cycling, or 'spinning' has become one of the most popular fitness classes out there, thanks to it's calorie busting and fat burning potential.

Take a seat, get ready to pedal in time to your favourite workout tracks, as we get your lungs pumping, your glutes working and your quads burning!

Group cycling is a great fat burning workout to tone the lower body and increase your cardio fitness.

Which Cycling Class Is For Me?

We offer a variety of group cycling classes, including traditional indoor cycling and spin workouts, plus the latest cycle class trends.

I love... a fast pace!

HIIT training fans will love our Sprint class by Les Mills. Enjoy intense cycling sprints mixed with short periods of rest, for optimum calorie burn.

I like... routine.

V Spin, exclusive to Village Gym, is a great class for blasting fat and enhancing your cardio fitness. 

I need... low intensity.

RPM by Les Mills is popular with members who are looking for a fun, low impact workout. You control the intensity, so it’s a great choice for new members and group cycling pros alike.

I want... fun!

The Trip by Les Mills has taken group cycling to new heights. This immersive group cycling experience lets you ride through a world of undewater caves and snow-capped mountains. 

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, we offer a virtual version of The Trip at several Village Gym clubs. Great for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that needs a creative boost in their workout routine!

We caught up with Fitness Coach, Ben from Village Gym Bury for a few tips if you're new to the indoor cycling scene. 

What To Wear

"Start with comfortable clothes that aren't too tight. Stick with breathable, wicking fabrics so you're not weighed down by the buckets of sweat to come."

What To Bring?

"First, do not make the mistake I see several newcomers make in their first class and turn up without a water bottle. Even if you're one of those people who "just doesn't sweat," believe me, you will. You won't make it through class without hydration!

And while you're at it, toss in a sweat towel. Don't want to bring one from home? There should be paper roll in the spin studio to use or you can hire one from the Club Reception."

What To Eat

"I recommend hydrating and eating a light snack about 30 minutes before class. This will give you fuel, but won't upset your stomach during the class. Sip plenty of water before and during the class to ensure you stay well hydrated."

What To Buy

"Get yourself a MyZone belt. If you want to see how hard your working then wearing a heart rate monitor is a really good way to see this. If you have a MyZone belt, your heart rate will be up there in the middle of class, so it's a nice way to make sure you're hitting your target."

(Get your MyZone belt in the Leisure Reception!)

Before Your Class

"Arrive early! Spin classes are popular! Make sure you reserve your spot and come at least 5 to 10 minutes early. I would definitely recommend booking a bike online. This will give you a chance to claim your bike and start to feel comfortable.

Make sure to meet your indoor cycling instructor and let them know that it's your first class. Definitely let them know if you have any injuries or health conditions that could affect your workout."

On Your Bike

"Even though it sounds scary, grab a bike towards the front. This will give you a better view of the instructor, and they'll be able to help you make adjustments during class. Your instructor will be able to help you set up your bike, too."

Meet Your Members

"Instructor not there yet? Don't be afraid to reach out to someone in class for help with your bike or any questions you have. Spin classes truly foster a community, so you'll have no trouble finding a friendly face."

Go At Your Own Pace

"You’ll be in control of the resistance throughout your session. Some people find themselves tempted to overdo it, whilst others are more inclined to under-do it.

Using too much resistance will feel like riding through concrete, and it won’t result in legs of steel. Instead, you’ll begin to rock and recruit weaker muscles in your lower back, as opposed to the glutes, quads, hamstrings and core that you should be maximizing. If you feel like every pedal stroke is a conscious effort that travels into your ankles and your lower back, then back off the resistance dial.

At the other end of the scale, if your spinning is super quick and feels almost out of control, you’ll find your lower back wiggling as you pedal, and your bum shifting in the saddle.

If you start to feel like you need a break, just remember to keep pedalling. Your legs will start to fatigue during class. Slow down or go all the way down to no resistance, but keep those legs going. Let the music help carry you through!"

See more fitness tips from Ben on Instagram: @Benfanshawept



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