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Look Away Now! How Much Exercise Will It Take To Burn Off The Christmas Calories?

We’re all guilty of a little over indulgence when it comes to the festive period. All of those mince pies, pigs in blankets and golden roasties are just too tempting to resist! But which of your favourite festive treats could sabotage your saintly workout efforts?

Fitness experts* looked at how many minutes of exercise it would take for you to burn off the nation’s favourite festive foods. Whether you’re into jogging, planking or gruelling reps of burpees, lunges and squats, prepare to sweat!

Christmas Pudding 305 1445 578 29 29
Pigs in blankets 280 1350 532 27 27
Bread and cheese 196 945 374 18 18
Yorkshire puddings 191 900 360 18 18
Roast potatoes 179 855 338 17 17
Mince pies 177 851 332 17 17
Gingerbread men 147 707 278 14 14
Yule log 144 689 276 14 14
Quality Street 132 630 256 13 13
Stuffing 101 473 184 10 10
Roasted parsnips 100 473 184 10 10
Turkey 70 360 138 7 7
Roasted chestnuts 68 315 124 7 6
Candy canes 50 248 100 5 5
Brussel sprouts 45 225 82 5 4

Love it or hate it, top of the list was a boozy Christmas pud, with an average serving of 305 calories equating to a whopping 1,445 squats, 460 burpees, 578 lunges, 29 1-minute planks or 29 minute jog to burn off. And that’s before you’ve drowned it in lashings of cream or custard!

Pigs in blankets, arguably the best part of a Christmas dinner were sadly another high scorer! To burn off a portion of this moreish trimming you’ll need to do 1,350 squats, 430 burpees, 532 lunges, 27 1-minute planks or 27 minutes of jogging. In our eyes they’re worth every last second!

While it may be debated whether they belong on a Christmas dinner, it’ll take you a grand total of 900 squats or 360 lunges to burn off a Yorkshire pud, making them the 4th highest on the list.

If you’ve not got a tin of Quality Street on the go over the festive period then you’re not doing Christmas right. A serving of these festive chocs will have you sweating out 630 squat reps or 256 lunges and lets face it… we’ll all be exceeding the ‘recommended serving’.

In great news for those with a super sweet tooth, candy canes coming in at only 50 calories, will curb your sugary cravings and can be burned off with a manageable 100 lunges or 5 minute jog.

Finally, bottom of the list was a saintly potion of brussel sprouts. While they may not be everyone’s favourite, no Christmas dinner would be complete without them so it’s good to know they can be burnt off with a quick 4 minute jog.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not suggesting getting up from the Christmas dinner table and squatting, lunging and planking away the copious amounts of calories you’ve just consumed. However, keeping up some kind of fitness regime over the Christmas period will reduce the likelihood of gaining those extra Christmas pounds that are a pain to shift when January comes around.

Our clubs are open everyday over Christmas for you to fit in a quick sweat session and enjoy those festive treats guilt free! Staying in? We’ve plenty of on demand workouts to tuck into at home!

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