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The Benefits Of Working Out At Home

While it might not be your first choice of workout venue, lockdown restrictions across the UK mean that once again many of us are finding ourselves working out at home.

We get it. You miss the buzz of your favourite classes, your favourite pieces of TechnoGym kit and you could really do with a dip in the pool, a relaxing sauna and good steam. But rather than focusing on the things you’re missing out on right now, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of working out at home…

With no need to commute to and from the gym, you can fit in a quick workout no matter how short you are on time. Squeeze a HIIT session into your lunch break, fit in some Barre while your baby naps or smash out a core workout while your dinner’s in the oven. With plenty of On Demand workouts you can do in under half an hour, there really is no excuse!

Home workout equipment is like gold dust and unless you got in there early you’re probably struggling to get your hands on anything at all. You might not have realised yet but your house is brimming with items that can double up as makeshift gym equipment. The humble chair, tin can and your bottom stair are just some items you can utilise until you’re reunited with our top of the range kit! Here’s some inspiration…

Recreate the buzz of group fitness by getting the rest of your household involved in your home workout routine. Why not throw some shapes together in a live Sh’Bam class or bring out your competitive streak with a garden bootcamp challenge. Having a workout buddy to spur you along will do wonders for your motivation levels and make working out at home a lot more fun!

Whilst we’re sure you’re missing the pumping playlists of your favourite Village classes, working out at home gives you the chance to blast out your own tunes and sing along like no one’s watching! Choosing the perfect playlist can take your home workouts to the next level. Find out more about music for motivation here...

It’s easy to compare yourself to others when you’re working out on the gym floor. While a little healthy competition can spur us on, comparison can also have a negative impact on your self confidence in the gym. Working out at home there’s no one to compete with but yourself! Focus on your own progress, and get excited about what you can achieve, without the distraction of those around you.

If you’ve always wanted to try a particular class, but not had the confidence to sign up in club, joining in with a live workout from home is the perfect way to start. Take things at your own pace, master the techniques and build your confidence and you’ll be raring to book your spot in class once restrictions allow!

If you usually warm up with a quick jog on the treadmill, take your run outdoors, get at one with nature and take in some much needed vitamin D.

There’s no need to put your New Year fitness plans on hold, as we’ve got plenty of live and On Demand classes to keep you busy at home until our gyms reopen. Download the app, have a browse of our home workout blogs for some fitspiration and a scroll through our YouTube channel to find your perfect workout.


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