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Ever feel like you’re not reaching your full potential? Constantly dieting and spending hours at the gym without seeing the results you want? You’re not alone in feeling like this. Fitness and nutrition are a tricky minefield of contradictions and confusing advice, that never seems to get any simpler.

Forget for a moment everything you know (or think you know) about diet and fitness. It’s not getting us anywhere - otherwise, we’d all be super fit! There’s a new health expert in town and it’s in the form of a revolutionary DNA test.

Eliminate the Guesswork

When it comes to our health, there’s an ever-expanding realm of tech, apps and online PT programs, eager to tap into our desire to take a more measured, scientific and personalised approach. And nothing could be more personal and scientific than one of the latest trends: DNA testing.

So, where do you start when looking to improve your fitness and nutrition? Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or simply improve your overall health, it’s best to approach your journey with the facts with a thorough understanding of your body’s unique needs…

That’s where DNA testing comes in. Each and every person has a different set of genes; our DNA dictates a lot of how our bodies perform and are meant to be nourished. Understanding the make-up of our DNA can help us in achieving optimal wellbeing and fitness.

Based on science developed to help professional athletes maximise their potential, a handful of companies worldwide offer DNA testing for consumers. The test promises to help them discover the training approach that’s best for them, according to their genes.

Your DNA has a big influence on many factors which affect your fitness and weight, including

  • How efficient or inefficient your metabolism is
  • Your levels of hunger-affecting hormones such as ghrelin
  • Your body clock - what routine your body is best suited to
  • Your sensitivity to sugar, saturated fats and other macronutrients
  • How you process and react to caffeine, alcohol and other drugs

Unlock Your Full Potential with DNAFit

At Village GYM we work alongside DNAFit, a rapidly growing UK-based company founded in 2013. It provides the same DNA tests to fitness devotees as it does for elite sports teams and athletes.

It’s a simple non-intrusive process that takes minutes via a home-test saliva swab kit. Once analysed, customers receive a report and infographic outlining the results, plus a consultation to explain what it all means.

Along with your results you will receive a tailor-made lifestyle plan to fit what your genes dictate, with guidance and tips for optimising your health and fitness. After your DNA has been analysed, you will receive:

  • All of your fitness and nutrition markers, including your carbohydrate response and sports injury resilience
  • Your personal genetic infographic
  • Access to our Olympic Benchmark System, where you can see how your genetics compare against the results of our DNAFit olympic athletes
  • A free 30-minute consultation with a fitness trainer
  • Your own tailor-made training plan - workouts to maximise your fitness results
  • A personalised nutrition guide and meal plans with the DNAFit Plate guide

Sometimes your journey to health and fitness can feel like a bit of a stab in the dark. Arm yourself with the information that can transform your fitness journey, and give you the key to a healthier, happier lifestyle; unlock your potential with DNAFit.

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