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Top Treatments For Fitness Fatigue


Those regular gym sessions put the body under a great deal of stress. Hey, no-one said working out was easy! So if you're not feeling in tip top condition, there are a range of treatments that will help soothe the strain...

Muscle Strain

Muscles need time to recover in between workouts, allowing them to repair and relax after a tough gym session.

A deep muscle massage can help to speed up your recovery time, as massage helps to increase our ability to absorb nutrients and essential fluids from the bloodstream.

The Village Spa offers a deep muscle massage designed for both men and women. We'll get those muscle fibres repairing in no time.  

Sore Joints

Pounding the treadmill or getting your sweat on in your weekly studio fitness class can take it's toll on the joints. The knees and ankles absorb a lot of impact during high intensity workouts.

Take the weight off, and try a swim. Swimming is much easier on the joints, making it a great way to still get your exercise in, whilst allowing joint pain time to subside. 

Muscle Tightness

If you've been lifting, it's likely that a build up of lactic acid is limiting how much your muscles can contract. A massage that applies enough pressure in the right places can help release lactic acid, which should in turn relieve tightness.

Our muscle melt massage is a great option for improving the elasticity of your muscles, alleviating that troublesome tight spot. 

Slow Results

Pounding the gym, yet not seeing the definition in your muscle tone?

Massage is a great way of improving the permeability of the muscles, allowing more blood to flow in. This can help to improve muscle tone, and also your range of motion, which should assist your performance in the gym. 

Check with our fitness team to see if your technique is cutting it for you. Or book yourself in for a fitness orientation to outline the correct moves for your muscles.

Physical Exertion

As we say, if you've worked out well, you should be tired afterwards. Though if your body is crying out for a lie down, you'll no doubt need a little more than a recovery nap.

Aromatherapy massage uses essential oils and plant extracts to bring harmony to the mind, body and soul. It sounds hippy, though it's powerful stuff. The combination of massage and essential oils can relieve tiredness, stress, sluggishness and help to improve concentration. 

Hard Working Hands

Hands that lift can quickly become dry, rough and form callouses. Not exactly a hand you wanna hold. Book those crispy hands in for a massage to get the essential nutrients in, deep down under the skin, and finish with a file and buff.


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