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Village Spa Qualifies In Treatments For Cancer Patients


For those undergoing treatment for cancer, spa massage can reap huge benefits when it comes to relaxation, better sleep and energising the body. 

Though, when performing massage on guests undergoing cancer treatment, care must be taken to ensure that the lymphatic system is protected and that lighter pressure is used on sensitive areas.

US-based training practitioners, Wellness For Cancer developed their Cancer Aware programme alongside Oncologists, to fully understand the effects of cancer treatment on the body and the specific needs of those undergoing treatment. Their system focuses on comforting and relaxing spa guests during what is of course, a very sensitive time. 

We're delighted to announce that therapists across our 17 Village Spas have successfully qualified with Wellness For Cancer to perform a range of relaxing spa treatments. 

National Group Manager for Village Spa, Jules Baldwin says: 

“The in-depth training our therapists completed went above and beyond the practice of mainstream massage. Our therapists learned about the physical and psychological effects cancer treatment can have on the body. Understanding the harsh side effects of chemotherapy enables us to better understand how we can ensure our spa guests are comfortable and relaxed.

We pride ourselves on offering a high quality spa experience, and it gives us pride to know that guests coping with cancer treatment and recovery are able to enjoy the same indulgence, just when they might need it most.“

The team at Wellness For Cancer believe that it's important for cancer patients and survivors  to visit spas in order to de-stress and heal, yet very few spas are trained or have invested in training in order to do this safely and effectively.

"The disconnect is two-fold. First, spas must have the proper perspective about supporting clients with cancer. Second, we need to take responsibility for our role in holding space for our clients to reduce their stress, find inner peace and increase their emotional resiliency.  Individuals don’t want to go to cancer specific spas; they want to get away from their cancer."

They now can at Village Spa.

Many of our most loved treatments have been specially adapted for cancer patients, including our popular back, face and scalp massage, ESPA facials and muscle soothing massages, well-loved by Village Gym fitness fanatics. 

We look forward to welcoming those undergoing cancer treatment and recovery, for a spot of wellness in our spa. 


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