Les Mills CXWORX Classes In Swindon Near Me

Our CXWORX class in Swindon comes from fitness legends, Les Mills. A 30 minute core training class, with the latest beats and the motivation of your expert Village Gym instructor.

According to creators, Les Mills:

“This intensely challenging 30-minute core workout gets you results where it counts the most.”

You'll use a combination of your body weight, resistance tubing and weights, to build strength, improve muscle tone and firm up that core. 

Why We Love CXWORX in Swindon

Our Swindon CXWORX class is one of the best ways to work on a stronger, tighter core.

The class is open to all ages and fitness abilities, so whether you're a fitness class pro or a CXWORX beginner,  you'll get out of this class what you put in. 

Members at Village Gym Swindon love our Les Mills CXWORX class for the social element of working out with friends.  

It's a fun, varied fitness class that promises to build strength, sculpt tighter abs, a stronger back and firmer glutes. 

What happens in a cxworx class?

During your 30-minute Swindon CXWORX class, your instructor will take you through various strength training exercises.

You'll work with a variety of resistance equipment and weight plates, plus tackle body weight exercises to help firm and tone your core. 

Warm-up | exercises done lying on your back to warm up. 
Core strength | 
long-lever movements on the back and hovers. 
Standing strength | 
standing exercises for the upper body, hips, legs and glutes.  
Core strength |
 exercises on rotation, obliques and back.

How can CXWORX improve body tone?

Our CXWORX class in Swindon will tone up the muscles in your abs, back and glutes.

By targetting specific muscles in and around your core, you'll add strength and build muscle, for a more toned shape and more prominent muscle definition.  We'll also work on your posture through back-training exercises, which will help you to walk taller and sculpt a slimmer silhouette. 

CXWORX has been proven to be more effective than other traditional core-training classes. So if you're ready to work that core and tone your body, our Swindon CXWORX class is for you. 

CXWORX For Beginners

If you're about to take part in your first CXWORX class in Swindon, a few pointers in the right direction... 

Arrive ten minutes early and introduce yourself to your CXWORX instructor. Let them know you're a beginner so that they can keep an eye on your technique throughout the class.

Be brave and position yourself near the front of the class so you have a good view of your instructor.

Don’t feel you have to use the weight plate in your first CXWORX class. Just get used to the exercises first.

If you find the resistance tube exercises too challenging, hold just one handle for less resistance.

How many times a week should I do CXWORX?

As our Swindon CXWORX class can be tackled in just 30 minutes, we would recommend attending two or three classes each week for maximum core toning results.

If you're trying to lose weight whilst toning your core, include some cardio and strength training before or after your CXWORX class to help blast calories and burn fat.  

After your CXWORX class, leave 24 hours before doing more resistance training to allow your body some recovery time. This is where a cardio session in the gym will work well.


Are Your Ready For CXWORX, swindon?

Enjoy quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your Swindon CXWORX class via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

What are Virtual CXWORX classes?

Because we know you have a life outside of the gym, we like to ensure our members get their CXWORX fix when they want it. 

So if our CXWORX class in Swindon isn't on the timetable at a time that suits you, try a virtual class! You'll get all the same exercises and all the pumping tunes, though just without an instructor. 

Simply follow the lead of your virtual CXWORX instructor and work that core!

Preparing For Your CXWORX Class

We recommend you pack the following in your gym kit before your Swindon CXWORX class...

A bottle of water to keep you hydrated 
A sweat towel
Close-fitting clothing and comfortable footwear
A light snack to replenish your energy after class
A friend (because it's way more fun with friends!)

What are the benefits of a CXWORX class?

Become a regular at our Les Mills CXWORX class in Swindon and you'll notice...

Tighter & more toned core muscles
Improved upper and lower body strength 
Improved balance
Stronger, more defined abs
More lean muscle mass for extra fat-burning potential
More calories burned to aid weight loss
Improved posture 


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