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I have paid in advance for my membership, can I get my money back? Will my membership be extended?

Your advance paid membership expiry date will be extended in line with the length of the Club closure. All membership cancellations are subject to our standard T&C’s.

I have already requested a freeze that will be charged at £10, will that still apply or will it be free?

There will be no subscription fees charged during the period of closure, including any freeze fees.

I paid for swimming lessons in advance, do I get a refund or extension when the club reopens?

Please contact your Swim Lesson provider directly for all information regarding your Swimming Lessons

I have paid for all of March but you are not open, do I get a refund?

The pro rata fees for the 11 days of closure will be added back to your membership account, resulting in a small credit that will be applied to your next direct debit collection. If you have paid in advance and in full for your membership, your end date will be extended by the period of closure.

I have Village Vouchers and Guest Passes that expire at the end of the month?

Your voucher and pass expiry dates can be extended in line with the length of the Club closure.

I have paid for a 10 Days for £10 Pass, do I get a refund or extension?

We will be in touch once we re-open to restart your 10 days.

I have an outstanding membership payment after I received either an SMS, email or letter this month, what happens to this?

During the period of closure we will not be expecting any debt payments to be made. We will address this when we re-open.

I’ve just joined my children on junior memberships, what happens to payments?

Junior memberships will be frozen in line with your adult membership. They will restart when your membership restarts when we re-open.

I’ve tried to cancel my membership but could not get through to member services or the Club, what do I do now?

Please email us at Your subscription will be stopped in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement.

I’ve lost my job or had to close my own business and cannot afford to carry on with my membership, can I cancel with no further payment?

All subscriptions will be suspended for the period of closure and no fees will be due for this period of closure. Once we re-open, if you need a further extension to this whilst you get back on your feet, please email to arrange.

I paid a fixed price for Black Card until the end of the year. Will that be extended?

Yes, the black card add-on end date will be extended by the period of temporary closure.

I joined on 6 months fees at 50% with first DD Oct-20. Will my first DD be later now?

Your membership is suspended for the period of temporary Club closure and will restart when we open again. As such your first DD payment will be extended by the period of closure so you don’t start paying monthly fees until the relevant date.

My subscription is already ending on 31 Mar-20. Do I get a refund?

As with all our members, when the club re-opens you can still use the 11 days of closure during March.


I’ve joined a friend up this last month or this month and for my referral gift I am still owed a Free Nights Stay at Village Hotel or Village Dining Voucher, what happens to this?

You will still be entitled to claim your gift. We will be in touch to provide you with your referral gift shortly after the Club re-opens.

Will I still be entitled to my member benefits/discounts while the club is closed?

In line with your subscription being suspended, your member benefits are also suspended for the period of temporary closure.

The £200 vouchers you are offering me, what form are they in? A single voucher or multiple?

We are offering you a book of ten individual £20 Village Dining Vouchers that can be used one month at a time and they are valid so long as you remain a member of Village Gym. For full T&C’s click here


How will I be notified when the Club re-opens?

We will be informing all members in advance of the Club reopening. Most members will receive notification by email, and for those members that we don’t hold a valid email address for, we will be sending you an SMS. We suggest all members follow us on Facebook as we will also post this information there, along with support and advice during this difficult time.

If you wish to update your email address with us, please email with the following information:

Which club you are a member of
Email address
Date of birth

I’m part-way through my SMART START card, what happens to the outstanding visits?

SMART START will be restarted on your first visit back to the Club, giving you the full opportunity to complete 10 visits within your first 30 days back.

Can I still use my Myzone belt outside of the Club?

Yes, MZ3 belts allow you to track your workouts through the Myzone app, uploading all data from your smartphone, so keep earning those MEPS ! Remember you are permitted to go outside once a day to exercise if you are not in self-isolation. Go to ‘Village Gym - Official’ on YouTube for free workouts!

Are the Hotel facilities still open, like the Pub and Grill, Starbucks, Village Spa - and can I book a room?

All Hotel facilities are currently closed in line with the government's guidance. Please visit Village Hotels for more information or accommodation bookings for future dates.


I’ve left items in the Club locker, how do I pick these up?

Items will be safely stored at the Hotel Reception ready for collection when Village Hotel reopens.

I have paid for a hired locker, what will happen to this?

Your locker hire expiry date will be extended in line with the length of the Club closure.


I have several Personal Training sessions left, can I get a refund? Can I extend the expiry date?

The expiry date of your PT sessions will be extended to 31 Dec-20, giving you the opportunity to use each remaining session. Please discuss this with your personal trainer when the Club reopens.

I have purchased PT sessions with an external PT, will these be refunded or sessions extended?

Please contact your trainer directly to discuss sessions purchased via external PTs.


How do I access Les Mills On-Demand classes so I can exercise at home?

You can access on demand workouts here.

Does Village Gym have workouts I can follow from home?

Yes, daily workouts and advice are available on our MyWellness platform here.

Also feel free to visit our Village Gym - Official YouTube page for further workouts. Click here.


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