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The question on everyone's lips... when will gyms re-open?

Good news, in line with the UK Government's National lockdown, we hope to re-open our clubs in England 12th April and Scottish clubs on 26th April. A reopening date for gyms in Wales is yet to be confirmed but we will be in touch with all members via email as soon as we have this information.

What happens to my membership?

Your membership fees have been automatically suspended until gyms reopen (you still have access to online workouts via the app during this time).  Once we have been informed of an official reopening date for your Club, your membership will become active again as of that date. 


I have paid in advance for my membership and my club has been closed. What happens?

Your advance paid membership expiry date will be extended in line with the length of the Club closure.

I pay monthly for my membership. When will the first Direct Debit be taken?

You will receive an email confirming the date of your next direct debit collection including the amount to be collected and what the following collection amounts will be. This will arrive at least 10 days prior to the collection date.

The first direct debit will either be taken on the day your club reopens, or at a later date if your account is in credit (as a result of January fees being taken before your club closed)


Will the freeze I placed on my membership prior to closure continue as normal?

Yes, all freezes which were requested prior to the closure of your club will continue as requested.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to unfreeze my membership.

If you're unsure about whether you're ready to unfreeze your membership, we're offering members 3 free day passes to come and check out our safety procedures and have a chat with one of the team to help you decide.


How will we know about our gyms re-opening?

Once we get these provisional opening dates are confirmed by the Government, you'll be the first to know. We'll contact members via email and post updates on our social media channel. Stay tuned... 

Will any facilities remain closed when our gyms reopen?

The sauna, steam room and whirlpool will initially remain closed when our gyms reopen. We are awaiting further UK Government guidance on when we will be able to reopen these facilities.

The Pub and Grill will reopen for outdoor service in England from 12th April and will reopen for indoor service in Scotland from 26th April.

You can book a table here.

Starbucks will be open for takeaway service.

Do I have to book ahead to use the gym?

The booking of gym sessions is currently only required at our Scottish clubs. At all of our clubs you will need to book ahead to use the swimming pool and when they are open for use, booking will also be required for the sauna, steam room and whirlpool.

Please make your bookings online or via the Village Gym app.


Will studio classes resume when my club reopens?

Unfortunately due to UK Government restrictions, studio classes won't be able to take place until 17th May in England and Scotland (Wales yet to confirm a date). Where it is possible, we are taking group fitness classes outdoors at some of our gyms.

How can I book classes when they resume?

We have removed the Club iPads that are used for booking classes. Please make your class bookings online, via the Village Gym app, or book in person at Leisure Club Reception. Outdoor fitness classes will also be bookable in the same way.

How are you keeping studios safe?

In each of our high intensity indoor cycling Studios we have invested in a clean air solution called 'Aera Max IV' (from the phs Group) to ensure the steady flow of clean air. This chemical-free solution uses activated carbon filters that are proven and certified to absorb 99.9% of airborne viruses and contaminants within just 35 minutes of operation.


How can we be sure it's safe to come back?

Whilst we wait for UK gyms to reopen, we're working hard to ensure it's super safe for your return. Thorough cleaning, more powerful cleaning products and social distancing assessments throughout. Our safety measures include...

Top-grade cleaning, more often.
Our team will use powerful products, proven to kill viruses like COVID-19 in all areas, with particular attention being paid to bikes, weights, and all high-touch surfaces after every class.

We have invested in state-of-the-art, new cleaning equipment that uses Electrostatic Technology. This revolutionary cleaning system provides an even distribution of cleaning products and total disinfectant of every surface it coats.

Our gyms will be cleaned multiple times, on a daily basis. We are investing in significant additional cleaning hours. You will see our cleaners working in the gym and in the changing rooms.

Extra time is being allowed between classes so we can fully clean the studios ahead of the next class.

Keeping it clean.

There's plenty of alcohol gel, antibacterial soap, blue roll + antibacterial spray around the club. Please clean your kit after use. Wipes are also available for use in the changing rooms, for example for use after using hair dryers and straighteners. Blue roll and antibacterial spray are available for cleaning hard surface areas such as cardio equipment. 

Going contactless.
Please help us stay safe by using contactless payments.

We encourage all members to bring their own towels. However, towels are still available for Black Card members only and are now being washed at a much higher 70 degrees Celsius temperature.

No equipment rentals.
Should you need padlocks, wristbands or any sports equipment, these will be available to purchase in Leisure Club Reception. Unfortunately, these items will no longer be available for hire.

Can I use the showers?

Yes, our changing facilities will be available, though we ask members to come gym ready when possible, to allow others to use the showers after swimming. Social distancing remains in place within all changing rooms. 

Will I need to wear a face mask?

You must still wear a face mask when moving through the hotel lobby, into the fitness club. It's not compulsory to wear a mask when exercising. 

Find out more on our safety measures

What You've Missed

It seems that the majority of our members have been missing their usual Village Life! 

The main things you've missed...

BodyPump Classes
Meeting With Your PT
The Trip Studio
Using Your Member Discounts
Your Post-Workout Sauna
Your Favourite Fitness Instructors

Keeping You Safe

We've been busy putting plenty of plans in place to ensure you get your workout done safely.

More protective screens between kit than any other fitness club
More sanitiser around the gym floor
More powerful cleaning agents
COVID safety training for all fitness staff
More cleaning, more often


How can I get my Village kicks at home?

Whilst you wait for gyms to reopen, get your favourite workouts from the comfort of your living room, with Village In! On Demand cardio, core, HIIT, combat and holistic classes from Village Gym, Technogym and Les Mills. 

Download the Village Gym app via the Apple Store or Google Play and enjoy FREE live and On Demand classes.

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