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Combining just the right beats with expert-led dance moves, at Village Gym Glasgow, you’ll Zumba your way through a toning, strengthening cardio session that targets every major muscle group in the body, improves flexibility and boosts your energy levels.

Our Zumba Classes

Our Zumba classes are instructor-led, to the latest dance music, with choreographed moves inspired by the likes of samba, mambo and salsa. 

Offering a full body cardio workout, our Glasgow based Zumba class is a great way to blast the calories whilst getting your dance on!  

What To Wear For Your Zumba Class

Zumba classes are all about dance! So you'll want to wear something that allows you to shimmy, shake and throw shapes. 

We've outlined a few pointers to put together the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Glasgow Zumba studio dressed for the occasion.


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