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Warm up before a workout or use as a post workout recovery aid. You'll find the Pulseroll available in all clubs, to add a little extra power to your fitness session. Using foam rollers, the Pulseroll massage gun can help reduce muscle pain, DOMS and give your circulation a boost.


If you're loving the Pulseroll in club, enjoy one at home too! Members can bag an exclusive discount on Pulseroll products, just ask at the Leisure Reception or head to the Village Gym app...



Try the Pro Massage Gun, using rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles, it can be used all over your body but is particularly effective on your back and shoulders. 

The mini massage gun offers a smaller, more compact option. Easier to hold and great for relieving tension.

The Pulseroll vibrating foam roller pro features 4-speed variations and is designed to reduce next day soreness and increase blood flow.


Fitness Coach, Alice gives our Fitness Ambassador, Fred a demo on how to get the best out of the Pulse Roll.

Great for warming up before you get started, or winding down once you're done. 


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