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Mix up your home workouts with our March 'Make Your Move' Challenge and commit to completing your MyWellness MOVES goal before the end of the month.

All entrants who complete their challenge will be entered into a prize draw to win a free nights stay at a Village Hotel of their choice.

Join the challenge by scrolling to the bottom of the 'Village Live' app interface to 'Join Our Challenges' then select which goal you'd like to aim for.


How To Log Your Activity

Activity cannot be entered manually, it must be tracked via the Village app or a third party tracking app.

To track a walk, run or cycle via the Village app:

When you're ready to start, go to the app home screen and select ‘Outdoor activity tracking’.

Select walking, running or cycling and then 'Start activity'.

Your activity will be automatically tracked as part of the challenge.


To collect MOVES for other kinds of activity e.g a HIIT workout, you'll need to use a fitness tracker and pair it with the Village app:

Select the bottom right icon and choose ‘settings’ and then select ‘Connect apps and devices’

Select your chosen tracking app from the list and click ‘connect’. Unfortunately Myzone data cannot be used in this challenge.

When you're ready to start your activity open your chosen tracking app and track your workout as usual

Any fitness data will be automatically transferred to your Village App account and logged as MOVES

reasons to get involved

Increase your stamina, strength and endurance.

Get in a great cardio workout.

Use as a warm up before an On Demand class.

Challenge yourself to go a little faster every day.

Go head to head with a friend for added motivation.

Join Our Communities

Share your results with your fellow fitness fanatics on Strava

Join our very own Facebook fan forum, Village Life

We love to see our members achieving their fitness goals. Share your snaps with us on our social media channels!



You might find the answer here...

What data counts towards the Make Your Move challenge?
If you have connected your Apple Health or a Lifestyle tracker such as a Fitbit, you will collect Moves all day and therefore get stack up your moves.
If you don’t have a lifestyle tracker, use The Village Gym GPS tracker (or a connected GPS tracker like Strava).
If you do any of our Village Gym App Live or On Demand Classes, you’ll get Moves for those too!

Apple Health or Google Health data counts towards the challenge and will be converted into MyWellness MOVES.
FITBIT Data will be converted.

What are MOVES?
MOVES are a measure of movement that combines the intensity of any activity with the duration and gives you a score for your effort – it doesn’t consider weight, age or gender so everyone is on an even playing field!

What's happening with Strava?
We are currently experiencing some delays receiving GPS data from Strava into the Village Gym app.
Keep checking back to make sure your data updates.
Also double check that you have correctly linked your Strava account to your Village Gym app account as without the link your data will not transfer.

How do I use the Village Gym Outdoor GPS tracker?
The best way to ensure your data tracks is to use the Outdoor Tracker in the Village Gym App.
Ensure your phone operating system and Village Gym app are updated to the latest software version.
Next check the app setting and ensure your granted all permission for the app correctly.
Ensure you start and stop the workout correctly via the app.

What do I do if the app isn't working?
If you're having issues with our app, please email us at:
Please include the club you are from and any screen shots to help us solve or answer your questions.

Can I use data from my Myzone belt?

Unfortunately data from your Myzone belt will not count towards this challenge. 


Join a gym

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