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Aqua Aerobics in Basingstoke

Make a splash with our Basingstoke Aqua Aerobics classes in our new heated indoor pool.

A high energy, low impact fitness class, Aqua Aerobics is ideal for all ages and fitness levels. 

Our Aqua Aerobics class in Basingstoke focusses on resistance training, using your body against the gravity of the water to strengthen, tone, improve stamina and burn fat.

Aqua Aerobics Movements

Thanks to the added resistance provided by the water, our Aqua Aerobics class in Basingstoke is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their fitness levels with a low impact water workout. 

Our aqua classes include a variety of exercises including aqua Zumba, water yoga and aqua jogging to get your heart pumping and improve your cardio fitness. All set to a motivational playlist that will get you moving!


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