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Fighting Fit

Get your boxing gloves on and prepare for a fat-burning, stress relieving fitness class, designed to work the whole body.

During our Fighting Fit class, you'll be led by both a Village Gym instructor and our cutting edge video tutorial.

We'll cover padwork, boxing drills, kickboxing, Thai boxing, cardio and core for a high energy workout that will tone, improve agility and blast those calories.

Fighting Fit Footwork

The fundamentals of boxing footwork take a while to master.  So we'll work with you on a number of footwork drills to ensure you move your body smoothly through punches.

A great way to develop rhythm in your legs and calves in order to perfect that reactive bounce. 

Expect plenty of direction changes, stops and starts and fast-paced movement to get your feet on form!

Kick Boxing & Thai Boxing

We'll work on elbow strikes, knee techniques and kicks, taking inspiration from Muay Thai and the fine art of kick boxing. 

Get ready to Roundhouse, hone your Hook Kick and perfect your strike style!

A great way to fine tune your co-ordination, enhance endurance and sculpt a sleeker physique.


Mixed Martial Arts is one of the fastest growing combat sports in the World.

Combining all fighting styles into one workout, you'll get to grips with wrestling, perform judo throws, plus tackle rounds of boxing, kickboxing and Brazilian jujitsu. 


Boxing Technique

Let's bust a myth here. Our Fighting Fit class isn't about knocking ten shades out of your opponent. 

This high intensity class is no-contact, other than the pads and kit you'll get to grips with.

We'll work on your boxing technique and show you how to safely throw punches, block, duck and hook your way to a fitter physique.

Why You'll Love It

Blitz calories and torch fat
Improve muscle tone
Build strong bones and muscle mass
Improve your cardiovascular fitness
Increase muscular endurance
Improve core stability
Boost your body's strength and power
Channel your energy to relieve stress
Enhance your co-ordination and spacial awareness
Gain confidence and big up that self-esteem

First Half

Warm Up
Overview of moves, punches, kicks and footwork drills. 

Round 1 – Boxing
Quickfire boxing rounds and HIIT cardio blasts.  

Round 2 – Muay Thai / Kick Boxing
Kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques to work the lower body and core. 

Round 3 - Fighting Footwork & Defence
Footwork positioning and defence techniques.

Second Half

Round 4 – MMA or Ground & Pound
A combination of all combat styles for a cardio and power boost.

Round 5 – Body Armour Core Burn
A core blitz to sculpt those abs!

Cool Down
Gradual pulse decreaser, stretch exercises and muscle relaxation.



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