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Each of our gyms in Birmingham feature a great selection of free weights, resistance kit and suspension equipment, all designed to give you a total body strength training workout.


Crank up your cardio game and torch those calories with cutting-edge Technogym kit available in all Birmingham gyms. Take to the treadmill, kill it on the cross trainer or row til' you can't row no more!


Our gyms in Birmingham offer premium functional training kit. Grab your Kettlebells, PowerBags, Slam Balls and VIPR for a functional workout to boost strength, agility and power.


Hook your MYZONE belt up to the big screens within our Birmingham gyms, to track your heart rate, calorie burn and effort.  It's time to smash those goals!


However your like to get your sweat on, we have a class to suit.

Stretch it out with Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi. Get your cardio done with the latest Les Mills HIIT and circuit classes. Or spin your heart out with a variety of indoor cycling classes, including the legendary The Trip at several of our Birmingham gyms.  Our designated Solihull Trip Studio takes fitness to another level!


Tackle a HIIT class in one of our Birmingham gyms and you'll leave feeling the burn! Try Les Mills GRIT, a HIIT Step session or our exclusive Village Burn workout. Guaranteed to boost metabolism and torch those calories.


Brummies love to bust a move! Get your groove on with Les Mills Sh'Bam, a little zumba, or a fat burning BodyJam session in the studios of our Birmingham gyms. 


Take your seat for a strengthening cycle workout. Our Birmingham gym studios run a range of spin classes including RPM, Sprint and The Trip from Les Mills.

Go at your own pace, or pedal like there's no tomorrow! A great way to tone up, trim down and keep your cardio game strong. 


Stretch your way to a sleeker physique with limb lengthening yoga, posture perfecting pilates, balance boosting tai chi and the latest Les Mills holistic classes at all of our Birmingham gyms. You'll leave our holistic classes feeling, long, strong, centred and calm. Nice!

Birmingham Personal Training

If you're lacking in 'get up and go', our expert Personal Trainers are on hand at each of our Birmingham gyms, to help you stay on track. We'll create a personalised plan based on your goals, and motivate you along the way to ensure you stick at it!


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