Our H2OFit class is like providing half of the effort for twice the reward. The added resistance created by the density of the water, means you'll get a better workout, that's less impactful on your joints. Great for injury rehabilitation or simply a slice of wellness serenity, H2OFit is a feel-good class that suits all ages and fitness abilities!

What to expect

Wading through the water with steady paced aerobic exercises, the push and pull of the water resistance will work your whole body. Match this with the challenge of low impact HIIT, including water sprinting, is sure to improve your all round fitness. 

Utilising dance-inspire exercise and stress-busting combat moves, get your fit on to our feel-good playlist. If you're ready to take your fitness to the next level, grab a noodle or water dumbbell for an added challenge. 

Suitable for all ages and fitness abilities, this class is sure to leave you feeling upbeat!


Reasons to factor water exercise into your fitness routine:

- Utilising the natural resistance of water, makes H2OFit naturally low impact. 

- The buoyancy of water supports your body weight, making it easy on the joints so great for injury rehabilitation.

- Full body workout that improves, not only cardiovascular health, but strengthens muscles and bones.



Fancy yourself as a bit of a water baby? We've got your midweek wind-down on lock... check out our variety of wellness facilities.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of a freestyler, try the perfect combination of music, dance and cardiovascular exercise. BodyJam™ is the ideal fitness class for anyone that loves to get their groove on.

Blade Blast

If HIIT is where it's at, try our very own Blade Blast. Similar to Waterfit, the Speedflex Blade is a great full body workout, without the associated muscle soreness the next day!


Are you ready to revive your dwindling fitness plan? Blade Blast and many of our other classes are Village Exclusive- meaning you won't find them ANYWHERE else.


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