BoxFit Classes Near Me

Our Boxfit class offers a great cardio workout featuring boxing training techniques, including skipping, boxing drills, footwork and abdominal workouts – all with a strong focus on toning the body.

Prepare to work up a sweat, get the heart pumping and whip out some boxing moves in our Boxfit group exercise class. Combining kick-boxing and muay thai, this calorie-burning workout will improve body composition and cardiovascular fitness, build strength and relieve stress.

Who Will Love Our BoxFit Class

Our BoxFit classes are perfect for anyone who wants to tone up, improve their cardio and release some body tension! It’s a high intensity cardio class that combines boxing techniques performed by the pros and cardio exercises to get your heart racing. Our classes are suitable for everyone and all fitness levels. If you’re a Boxercise or combat class fanatic, trying to shed weight or looking to tone, BoxFit is your class!

BoxFit Exercises

Our BoxFit classes include skipping, boxing drills, footwork and abs work, all designed to sculpt your body.

We’ll teach you exercises done by the professionals in order to tone and torch those calories.

Lose Weight With BoxFit

If you want a better, slimmer physique, our BoxFit classes will help you reach your targeted weight. This cardio driven class blitzes calories, increases your metabolism and tones your body, all in one. Attend BoxFit twice a week, alongside your usual cardio fixes and you’ll see defined arms, stronger shoulders and significantly more calories burned.

Boxfit For Beginners

New to BoxFit? No problem, just let your instructor know you’re a newbie. This way, they can modify any exercises to suit your fitness whilst you’re learning the ropes. BoxFit is a great workout for everyone of all abilities and ages. Don’t be shy… everyone is welcome to try this fast paced, killer cardio workout!

BoxFit Benefits

Improved body composition
Better cardio fitness
Increased stamina
Core strength
Toned abs, legs and arms
Improved muscle strength
Calorie blitzing as part of your weight loss regime

Is BoxFit Hard?

Difficult? No. Challenging on the body? Heck yes. But that’s what you want, right? Our classes are designed to give you all the benefits of a full body blast in 45 minutes. So be prepared to push your body for maximum calorie blasting results. You’ll sweat, feel the burn and pump your heart. If you’re a little exhausted, adapt the exercises to suit your fitness.

What To Bring to Your BoxFit Class

If you’re attending a BoxFit class, we’d recommend you bring…

A towel - prepare to SWEAT
A water bottle - stay HYDRATED
Comfortable trainers with good grip
Form fitting gym gear which lets you move freely
A protein bar or snack for after your session


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Virtual Exercise Classes

If you prefer to try a class during quieter times, enjoy a Virtual class!

Available with The TripRPMSprintBodyPumpBodyCombatBodyBalance, and Barre, our virtual class timetable is held in all clubs, running up to 20 classes per day.

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