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Following our expert Pilates coach, you’ll develop flexibility, joint mobility, and improve your posture through gentle, low impact techniques. Perfect for those that love a little spirituality, Pilates will relax your mind, and leave you feeling refreshed.

Our Pilates classes focus on the concept of control rather than cranking out as many reps as possible. It’s about using your muscles against gravity, using the body for resistance and targeting specific areas to improve strength. There’ll be plenty of breathing, lots of stretching and new ways to work your body for an all-over toning workout.

The Health Benefits Of Pilates

The health benefits of a pilates class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes. You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...

Who Will Love Pilates?

Village Pilates is about flow, not speedy fitness. The low impact moves make it perfect for all ages and abilities. Many people who suffer from lower back pain or osteoporosis choose Pilates to work their full bodies and ease the tension of their joints. This fitness class is about quality not quantity! Our Pilates classes are great for anyone who loves the social aspect of a group workout, members keen to shed weight or looking for a new way to tone.

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

If you’re about to walk into your first Pilates classes, you might be wondering what to wear? Our Pilates classes will have you performing lots of smooth and gentle movements, so wear something that allows your body to freely move and stretch. Read our top tips on what to wear and you’ll fit right in with the regulars.

Pilates for better balance

Having good balance isn’t just about how long you can stand on one leg for without falling over! Our Pilates classes focus on improving your overall balance, making everyday life much easier. We’ll challenge your body’s ability to move slowly, fluidly transition and control your body. After some Pilates, you should be able to walk taller, stagger less and be much more nibble, bending with ease.


Expect to learn a lot at your Village Gym Pilates class including…

The hundred (whilst focussing on your breathing, we’ll target your core to improve stability)
The roll up (a gentle, controlled movement to stretch the spine and engage your abs)
Leg circles (strengthen your hips and core muscles)
Rolling ball (massaging your spine and opening your back)
Series of 5 (a series of moves designed to strengthen all core and back muscles)

Pilates For Weight Loss

Pilates classes are low intensity, so don’t expect to blitz fat in the same way a high energy cardio class will, be patient. Our classes help you strengthen your body and add muscle mass, improving the way your body burns fat. Add Pilates to your weight loss regime and you’ll speed up the process and tone at the same time. A toned physique makes you look slimmer too. So, if weight loss is your mission, Pilates should be added to your routine.

Pilates For Back Pain

Tendency to wobble? Struggle to stand straight? If you're suffering from back pain, it can be hard to find a workout that works for you. Pilates has been crowned one of the best classes for back pain. All the gentle stretching really helps strengthen, tone and detoxify the body. Our Pilates classes are a great way to increase your flexibility, align your spine, take pressure off your back and relieve pain.



A yoga based fitness class designed to increase flexibility and strength.


Our Barre workouts, designed by Les Mills, are accessible to all fitness and flexibility levels.

Combining classic ballet positions with high repetitions of slight movements using very light weights, Barre can improve posture and help shape your body. 

The benefits of a Pilates class

The health benefits of a holistic class go way beyond the toning and strengthening results you'll gain from many other fitness classes.

You'll get them too, plus a bumper crop of other wellness-boosting effects...


Improve your posture, strength and flexibility with our Yoga class.


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