Try A Virtual Fitness Class

If you prefer to try a class during quieter times, enjoy a Virtual gym class!

Available with The Trip, RPM, Sprint, BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyBalance, and Barre, our virtual class timetable is held in all clubs, running up to 20 classes per day.

Perfect for off-peak members that love to get their workouts done during quieter periods, or those that want to try a new class before taking the plunge for real!

What is Virtual Fitness?

"Virtual fitness is the fusion of exercise with technology." (Les Mills)

No, nothing to do with virtual reality or wearing headsets! Virtual workouts are the same workouts you already know and love, just without an instructor present and designed to suit your own schedule.

Why Go Virtual?

Our Virtual Les Mills classes are like being taught by the big guys themselves. Brought to you on the big studio screens, you're getting the world class Les Mills workouts, led by the pros.

As there's no instructor present, our virtual classes offer more flexibility, more classes on the timetable and more chance of you getting a space on your own schedule.


We know that heading into the studio for your first live instructor-led class can be a little daunting! So try a virtual fitness class whilst you find your feet. No instructor watching your moves, generally smaller classes and a less intense environment.

Ideal for those keen to keep their social distancing in check!

Make Yourself At Home

Unlike a home workout, where you may not have the right bits of kit, a virtual Les Mills class in our fitness studio offers that home-based experience, though with the added benefit of our top notch kit.

Our Les Mills Smart Bars and steps will ensure you get the full Les Mills experience. Plus, if you don't have weights or indoor cycling kit at your place, we've got the very best at ours. 


Virtual BodyBalance

Get a virtual yoga and pilates session in, to increase flexibility and strength.

Virtual Barre

Great for all fitness and flexibility levels, combine classic ballet positions with high repetitions of slight movements using very light weights.

Virtual BodyPump

This virtual version of this killer barbell class will get you lean, toned and burn up to 540 calories per class. 

Virtual BodyCombat

Punch above your weight! Les Mills Virtual BodyCombat uses martial arts-inspired moves to relieve stress, boost your cardio fitness and improve agility.

Virtual BodyJam

Get your jam on and dance yourself fitter with pumping tunes, fresh moves and feel good vibes!

Virtual RPM

Our virtual Les Mills RPM workout will take you through hill climbs, sprints and flat rides, for a fat-burning, calorie torching workout. Make it as tough as you can handle...

Virtual CXWorx

Work that core with a 30 minute virtual CXWorx session, using weight plates, resistance tubes and body weight exercises.  

The Trip Virtual

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, The Trip is an innovative cycling fitness class, perfect for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that loves a creative workout! 

What to Wear

Your virtual fitness class will work up a sweat, so wear something that allows the skin to breathe, and avoid anything overly loose fitting that might whip about and get in the way.

So we've outlined a few pointers to put together the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit the studio dressed for the occasion.


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