Gyms With Free Weights Near Me

Build lean muscle with a huge selection of free weights including dumbbells up to 50kg, barbells, weight benches and squat racks.

Test your strength on our Technogym plate-loaded equipment, to boost muscle growth, increase metabolism and perfect that posture.

Types of Exercises With Free Weights

Our top tip when training with free weights is never forget your compound exercises! Compounds put your body under more stress all at once in short time frames, whilst training your muscles to work together.

To get that booty peach, hit the squat racks, perfect all your deadlifts & thrust those hips (hip thrusts). Not only will you work those glutes, calves and hamstrings, your core will get a killer workout too!

For a lean upper body, target that chest with bench press and chest press moves, whether it’s with our dumbbells or barbells, you’ve got to put in the work and up those weights.

Whether you’re new to weights or a weights enthusiast, make sure you hit those compounds every time you walk into the gym. Grab those dumbbells, barbells or bits of resistance kit that will bring on that strength. 

The Ultimate Dumbbell Exercises

Whilst you think of dumbbells for upper body workouts, up the intensity for a full body workout too! Some of our favourite dumbbell exercises include:

Bicep Curls Stiff Deadlights
Single Arm Rows Step Ups
Lateral Raises Goblet Squats
Bent Over Rows Lunges
Arnold Press  

UK Gyms With Dumbbells

Never underestimate the power of dumbbells, they can develop your total body-strength and build insane muscle mass.

A set of dumbbells can equate to the weight on barbells with no fiddly weight plates. Dumbbell exercises stabilise your muscles, test your balance, coordination and control. To get your sweat on with dumbbells, up the hits, change the tempo or up those sets and reps.

Plus, if you’ve got any pesky muscle imbalances, dumbbells will even those gains giving you that symmetrical look.

Village Gym Squat Racks - How To

All our UK gyms have squat racks and we must admit, they are VERY popular! But don’t be intimidated by squat racks, they are easy to set up, simple to use and can accommodate a range of exercises to get your strength levels up.

What is a squat rack?
As the name states, it’s a rack with two metal stands which support a barbell, holding it like a trainer or spotter. Its purpose is to support the weight as you exercise.

How to set up a squat rack?
Make sure you align the bar at the right height, tends to be shoulder height, so you can get the loaded bar off the hooks with ease, but not so high you’re on your tiptoes. Also, if you’re upping the weights or new to the racks, adjust the safety bars to catch you at your lowest squat level giving you room to drop the bar.

How to use a squat rack?
Place the bar just below shoulder level, step under the bar resting it on the back of your shoulders (under your neck). Grip the bar with hands on either side, lift the bar by pushing upwards with your legs and straightening your body upright. Step back, position your legs, toes pointing slightly outwards and start your reps.

Remember to keep your head up at all times to keep the bar aligned!

Gyms With Kettlebells

Our gyms are kitted out with a range of kettlebells from 2kg to 24kg catering to all abilities and workout needs. A kettlebell workout can help you build muscle and improve your strength, core stability and coordination.

With one piece of kit, you can target a range of muscle groups and turn up the intensity. Make sure you pick a kettlebell that challenges you for your weight and height, or if you’re new start light - 8kg.

For toning or weight loss, a kettlebell workout might be right for you. You’ll also benefit from resistance training and cardio which gives you the ultimate calorie burn!

The Benefits of Weight Training

Heightened fat loss
Strength & endurance building
Improves athletic performance
Releases those endorphins & reduces stress
Boosts your metabolism
Improves self-esteem and confidence
Body Health


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