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Whatever form of fitness you call fun, we have the gym facilities and equipment to ensure you get your sweat on, however suits you best. 

You'll find the following facilities at a Village Gym near you...


If toning is your goal, you'll want a fitness club stacked with premium Technogym resistance kit. Get set to rep, for increased strength and muscle definition. 


Cardio kit is a staple in every fitness club. But not all cardio kit features built-in tracking technology, entertainment systems and cutting-edge design inspired by athletes. Ours does! We think you're gonna love it. 


Functional fitness is all about making every day life easier. And your fitness club should be about making your everyday workouts more efficient. So tackle a selection of power bags, bosu balls, dumbbells and slam balls for a total full body functional training session. 

Your local gym just got exciting. 


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