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Step Workout

A great lower body and cardio workout, our step aerobics class combines high impact aerobics movements with cutting-edge choreography and step techniques for a whole-body fitness session.

We’ll get your heart pumping, your legs moving and your rhythm in sync, with basic step aerobics exercises and more complex moves to advance your workout to the next level.

Not only will you get a great cardio workout, our step aerobics fitness class will work on toning your glutes, thighs and lower legs too. Great for all fitness levels!

What To Wear

Aerobics classes will work up a sweat, so wear something that allows the skin to breathe, and avoid anything overly loose fitting that might whip about and get in the way.

So we've outlined a few pointers to put together the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit the studio dressed for the occasion.


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