Get your gloves on for a calorie-blasting, strengthening full body workout.

BOX N'BURN offers an immersive fitness experience, including boxing moves, weight lifting and cardio using cutting-edge kit.

Tackle twelve 3 minute rounds of cardio, resistance and boxing, led by an instructor and guided by video technology, alongside pumping House music beats. 12 in a class, 4 on each section at a time. 


The fundamentals of boxing take a while to master.  So we'll work with you on a number of boxing drills to ensure a killer upper body workout.

Using water filled punch bags, hone your jab, upper cut and hook with 3 minute rounds on the bag. 


Next round, is our state of the art multifunctional, Technogym or Evo benches. 

Get set to squat, crunch and press using free weights for a 3 minute fat-torching, strength building blast. 

A great way to fine tune your co-ordination, boost lean muscle and sculpt a sleeker physique.


Third round, features our cutting-edge SkillMills or SkillRuns for a cardio hit. 

Side-step, slide push or sprint for a 3 minute workout to get that heart rate pumping and keep your cardio game strong. 

Your instructor will guide you throughout to ensure correct technique and a tailor made fitness experience. 


Les Mills BodyCombat

Taking influences martial arts such as Karate, Taekwondo and Tai Chi, you’ll punch, kick, jab and kata your way to a leaner physique. 

BoxFit Fitness Classes

Our BoxFit class offers a great cardio workout, featuring boxing training techniques, including skipping, boxing drills, footwork and abdominal workouts. 


Punch, jab and kick your way to a sleeker physique with Fighting Fit, choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK’s top House DJs.


Our bespoke Burn class is a high intensity interval training session designed to smash your personal best, add new challenges to your workout and increase endurance.


Try our BOXX class with a free day pass. Say hello and a member of our fitness team will be in touch to arrange your free day of fitness kicks. 

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