Les Mills BodyAttack Classes

Shake up your workout with our cardio crunching BodyAttack™ group fitness class. This high-energy fitness class is crammed with moves perfect for complete beginners or fully fledged addicts.

BodyAttack™ combines athletic movements such as running, lunging and jumping are combined with strength exercises including push-ups and squats, for a total body workout you’ll love.

Grab a friend, get ready for pumping tunes, expert-led moves and a workout that will blast up to 730 calories*.

*Caloric expenditure and aerobic demand of BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, BODYCOMBAT and RPM. Lythe, J. Pfitzinger, P. Unisports Centre for Sport Performance 2000.

Ready For BodyAttack?

Scientifically-backed moves, motivational instructors and a blasting feel-good playlist. Our Les Mills BodyAttack classes will make you fitter, stronger and leaner. It’s time to become a BodyAttack warrior at Village Gym!

BodyAttack For Weight Loss

If you want to shed some weight, our BodyAttack classes will torch those calories and increase your body’s ability to blitz fat.

Perfect for friends on the weight loss journey together, or to shake up your usual routine.
Here’s how BodyAttack will reach your weight loss goals.

Add Muscle To Your Metabolism

BodyAttack is designed to strengthen your body and boost your stamina. If you’re a regular attacker, you’ll soon see more muscle, allowing your muscle to work harder, for longer.

Increased muscle mass will also speed up your metabolism, allowing you to burn extra calories long after your class.

Our BodyAttack Class consists of

Warm up
Plyometrics (hitting that heart rate peak)
Athletic strength
Interval training
Power (another heart rate peak)
Cool down

BodyAttack Benefits

Improved cardio health
Sculpted body shape
Increased stamina levels
Better upper and lower body strength
Torching calories for weight loss
Better coordination and agility


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