Circuit Training Classes Near Me

Our fast-paced circuit training class will get the heart pumping, the legs moving and offers a killer full body workout you’ll love. We’ll start you off in one spot, before moving you through a fast-paced circuit of muscle toning or aerobic exercises to ensure your whole body feels the burn.

Increase your strength and aerobic fitness whilst blitzing plenty of calories. Our circuit class is a great addition to your usual exercise regime. Join us at one of our UK gyms for a killer circuit training workout.

This fitness class is perfect for beginners and circuit regulars alike. If you’re new, feel free to start light and work your way in. If you’re a seasoned circuit class goer, we’ll throw in plenty of extra challenges to push your fitness level to the limits.

Circuit Training Exercises

Our circuit classes are BIG on variety, so expect a whirlwind of mixed exercises for a whole body workout targeting all big muscle groups...

Squat Jumps Push Ups Squat to press
Burpees Tuck Jumps Jumping Jacks
Skipping Dumbbell Squats Bench Dips
Squat Thrusts Lunges Kick Backs
Hip Thrusts Bicycle Kicks Kettlebell Swings

Circuit Training for Beginners

New to our circuits class? No problem, no matter your fitness level, you are welcome to join in.

So, if you've never tried a circuit training class before, don’t be shy, our fitness instructors will take care of you. Just let them know you’re new and work at your own pace.

If you feel too challenged, our instructors will adapt any exercise to make sure you get settled in.


Hell yes! Make our circuit training classes a regular addition to your gym programme, and you’ll build muscle mass which increases your metabolism, helping you blitz those calories faster.

This cardio class will pump your heart rate up, push your body to its limits and burn lots of energy. By torching that fat, you’ll be oan your way to sculpting a sleeker physique.

You will sweat and burn… but you’ll be on your way to hitting that weight loss target!

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Our circuit classes are fun, physically challenging and jam packed with health benefits...

Cardio fitness Improved agility Increased strength
Improved sleeping Better co-ordination More stamina
Sculpted and sleeker physique Defined abs Weight loss
Better breathing Increased metabolism More energy



If you're attending one of our circuit classes, be prepared for…

Upper Body Circuit Exercises
Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press

Lower Body Circuit Exercises
Squats, lunges, step ups

Core Busting Circuit Exercises
Plank, bicycle kicks, crunches, sit-ups

Cardio Circuits
Shuttle runs, skipping, jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit Workouts
Burpees and bear crawls

Circuit Training For Seniors

Whilst circuit training is certainly a fast-paced workout, there's no age limit, everyone is welcome to give it their best shot!

Our older members love a bit of variety and we can adapt our circuits for everyone. Do what you can and make it your own! Most exercises can be adapted to avoid discomfort, and the pace is set by you.

Circuit training is great for seniors to stay flexible, improve their balance, coordination and shred a few pounds to maintain a healthy weight.

Circuit Training vs. HIIT

Is there a difference?

Circuit training is about performing one exercise after another with no rest in between. This gets your heart pumping and your muscles working to their limits to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

During a HIIT workout, you'll perform exercises at full pace, with intervals of rest in between to bring your heart rate back down before the next round. Great for boosting your metabolism and improving recovery time. 

So, there you go!


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