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Yoga classes at Village Gym involve a combination of physical and mental exercises to help improve your posture, strength and flexibility. There are a number of different types of yoga class, Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga being the most popular.

Our yoga classes usually begin with a short period of quiet to get you focussed and prepared. We’ll then guide you through a series of stretch movements and core-strengthening sequences designed to limber your body and warm up muscles before we move on to posture work. Yoga is a great form of exercise for all fitness levels and will help improve your overall health.

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Who Will Love Yoga?

Thanks to the low impact nature of yoga, it’s the perfect whole body workout for everyone, even beginners. Many of our older members love our yoga classes, all thanks to the low intensity of the movements. Anyone that loves the buzz of a group class, will love yoga and its holistic approach.

Our Yoga Classes

We include a variety of yoga techniques within our classes.

Hatha yoga involves gentle movements and breathing exercises, ideal for beginners.
Vinyasa yoga offers a fast pace for a harder workout, perfect for all fitness levels.
Ashtanga yoga is designed for the yoga bunnies, ready to push their bodies beyond their limits.


Our yoga classes involve a variety of yoga movements which work your full body focussing on flexibility, posture and strength.


Our Hatha yoga classes are all about gentle, smooth, controlled movements. We move slowly, holding poses for longer periods of time to improve your posture and balance. Our breathing exercises will help calm the mind and body as you move. It’s perfect for de-stressing.
Yogi Level: Newbies looking to learn basic poses.
Benefits: Stress reliever, full body workout & better breathing.


Vinyasa yoga offers a quicker, upbeat workout, perfect for those that love to throw some shapes! Think, motivational music, choreographed moves and breathing to channel your flow. Our Vinyasa classes are great for newbies, or those with experience, wanting a new fresh challenge. Vinyasa yoga will get that heart rate up, giving you your cardio fix.

Turn the tunes up and challenge your full body with key poses, as you fluidly move in time with your breathing.

Yogi Level: Everyone. From beginners keen to learn to advanced members looking to tone their bodies.

Benefits: Better core strength, flexibility, toned abs and upper body, and lowering blood pressure.


Our Ashtanga yoga classes are designed for yoga bunnies who want a new challenge.
You’ll build core strength and tone the entire body. We start with sun salutations before moving into a variety of poses and finish with relaxation- it’s a full body toning session!
Remember, it’s an upbeat class, so prepare to sweat and push your body to new limits.

Ashtanga yoga is perfect for shaking up your usual workout, with plenty of fluid quick movements that will get your heart pumping. It’s a great exercise class for relieving stress, weight loss and improving your flexibility.

Yogi Level: Advanced. Physically fit people ready to shake up their workouts.

Benefits: Stress relief, better coordination and kicking your metabolism up to aid extra weight loss.


Our yoga classes may be a hell of a lot of fun but you’ll get more than just a fun workout! Yoga comes with great health benefits too…

Speed Up Circulation

It’s known that if you’re a regular yoga bunny, your circulation and blood pressure will improve.

Good For The Gut

Get your heart racing and key muscles working then you’ll see a speedier digestion.

Get Set To Flex

Throughout our yoga classes, you’ll move your joints through their full range of motions, encouraging mobility. Our gentle stretches release building muscle tension. Great for those suffering back pain or stiff joints.

Calm Those Nerves

Better circulation, muscle relaxation and a focus on breathing all help soothe the nervous system. Ideal for minimising anxiety and fatigue.

Perfect That Posture

Using controlled moves to stretch the spine will help perfect your posture, so you stand correctly. Thus, relieving neck and back pressure. And with a better posture, you'll look tall and slimmer.

Aid Injury

Yoga is a low impact fitness class, ideal for those recovering from injuries or muscle imbalances. The gentle movements stop the body from moving too quickly, allowing your core muscles to engage.

Improve Balance

Yoga is perfect for improving coordination, balance and core strength.

Better Breathing

Our breathing techniques can help increase lung capacity and help your air circulation. Plus, you may sleep much better too! The correct breathing has shown to help you get to sleep quicker.

What to Wear

Yoga classes are all about fluid movements, so you'll want to wear something that allows you to move, stretch and contort your body into numerous positions!

So we've outlined a few pointers to put together the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit the studio dressed for the occasion.


Benefits of Barre

The effectiveness and versatility of barre training make it a popular choice for people at all stages of their fitness journey. 

We take a look at what you can expect from our Barre class.

Les Mills BodyBalance

If you love yoga, our BodyBalance™ class by Les Mills is designed to strengthen and centre the body and the mind.

Tai Chi Classes

Combining deep breathing with slow, graceful movements, Tai Chi is a fun option for those that love to get their fitness kicks in a group.

Pilates Classes

Improve your physical strength, stamina and core with our low impact Pilates class.


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