Les Mill Core WORKOUTS

A 30 minute workout designed to improve your functional strength, for a stronger body and better muscle tone.

During the 30-minute class, our trained fitness instructors will guide you through the correct techniques as you work with resistance equipment and weight plates, plus they’ll help you get to grips with bodyweight exercises such as crunches and hovers. 




Great for quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your Les Mills Core class at Village Gym via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

What Are The Benefits of Les Mills Core?

Attend 2-3 times a week and you’ll see…

Tighter, more defined abs
Improved upper and lower body strength
Better balance
Lean muscle mass for better fat burn
Extra calories burned
Improved posture

Les Mills Core in your lunch hour

Sitting idle at your desk all day can cause havoc to your back and abs. Poor office chairs can hurt your posture, and hunching over your computer kills that digestion. So, give your back a rest and your abs the attention! Grab your work bestie and enjoy the Les Mills Core class on your lunch break. 30 minutes of intense core training will help reduce back pain, and strengthen those abs. You’ll be back in plenty of time for that salad!

What's Great About Les Mills Core?

The Core classes are the best fitness classes for members who want to transform their bodies and build their cores. Everyone is welcome, all ages and all fitness levels. Our members love the social aspect of our Les Mills Core classes, as well as the pumping playlist, exercises and of course… the results!

Is Les Mills Core Good For Weight Loss?

If you’re a Core regular, your weight loss programme will go up a level. With your heart racing and your body strengthening, you’ll blitz even more calories and fat. Combine the Les Mills Core with your other cardio and strength training, and you’ll lose weight faster, and start seeing a more toned, slimmer version of yourself. Remember, if you want that 6 pack, you need to lose that layer of body fat sitting on top of them before you see the definition. But the graft is worth it!

How many times a week should I do Les Mills Core?

The answer is regularly for the best results. Most of our members attend twice a week, in between their cardio and strength training. If it’s a weight loss mission, take the Core class twice a week and intersperse your classes with cardio to blitz calories and fat. If you’re focussing on muscle and core definition 2 - 3 times a week, you’ll love the results.

What if the Les Mills Core Isn't available at my preferred time?

If you can’t make a Core class because of work, or other commitments, try a Les Mill Core Virtual class. Virtual Core classes offer all the same kicks you get from our instructor-led classes. If you’re a newbie, start with the instructor-led class, so we can help you get to grips with the technique and reduce injury risks.


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