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Anyone who loves to get their sweat on in the fresh air will love our exclusive AIR Outdoor Bootcamp sessions.

A combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core and functional training, our outdoor fitness classes use bodyweight exercises and creative technique to create a total body workout in the great outdoors.


Our bespoke AIR classes are based around our purpose built outdoor rigs, complete with a huge variety of strength and conditioning equipment. 

Welcome to your fitness playground!

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Each of our outdoor bootcamp classes is designed to test your strength and skill. 

It's not a one-size-fits-all type class. Think of it more as an outdoor training session tailored to your individual goals. 

We'll put you to the test every 5 weeks to monitor your progress. This could be in the form of weight lifted, reps performed or time that a specific position is held.



Anyone can participate in an AIR session.

Our Outdoor Bootcamp is based on you improving or achieving a personal goal rather than simply completing a workout. 

So it's a great way for new members to plan their fitness goals, and die hard gym-users to shake up their workout. 

Class Style

Our Outdoor Bootcamp classes are planned by our expert trainers, based on the fitness goals of the group. Though to give you an insight, a typical class includes...

Warm Up/Mobility
Work on specific fitness focus using outdoor functional movements
Cool Down


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