Boxercise Classes in Basingstoke

Get ready to punch and kick your way to a fitter body with our boxercise class in Basingstoke! A great fat-burning, stress relieving exercise class, designed to tone and tighten the whole body, plus get your cardio hit.

Based on the training used by professional boxers, our Basingstoke boxercise class will cover padwork, boxing circuits, cardio and resistance for a high energy workout that will tone, improve agility and blitz those calories.

Who Will Love Our Boxercise Class

Our Basingstoke Boxercise class is designed so that it works for anyone who wants to tone up, improve their cardio fitness and release some tension!

A high-intensity workout combining boxing, cardio and circuits, our Boxercise class at Village Gym Basingstoke is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, including beginners.

If you're a fan of HIIT classes, trying to lose weight or want to improve co-ordination, this is a great class to try!

Boxercise Techniques

Our Basingstoke  Boxercise classes include exercises used by boxing professionals in order to tone, get that heart pumping and blitz calories. It's not all about throwing punches at your bestie or fellow gym members! 

Expect to perform techniques such as shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs and sit-ups.


Boxercise For Weight Loss

If you're keen to drop a few pounds, our Boxercise class in Basingstoke will help you sculpt a skeeker physique as you reach your weight loss goals.

This is a great cardio fitness class that will blast calories, increase your metabolism and tone the body in one hit. 

It's fast-paced, but engages the whole body, building muscle which will keep you burning calories for longer. 

30 minutes of Boxercise can burn up to 350 calories, so it's a great choice for members who want to lose weight. 

Boxercise For Beginners

Our Basingstoke Boxercise class is great for all fitness fanatics, though if you're attending for the first time, we recommend taking it easy and building up over your first few Boxercise sessions.

The class is high-intensity, so be prepared to sweat, move and feel the burn!  

All exercises in our Basingstoke Boxercise class are performed in a controlled way, with our expert instructors on hand to ensure your form is just right. 

Boxercise Benefits

Our Boxercise class in Basingstoke will help you to...

Increase agility and co-ordination

Increase stamina allowing you to work out, for longer

Build core strength 

Improve muscle strength 

Release tensions and stress

Tone the abs, legs and upper arms

Blitz calories as part of your weight loss plan

Improve your confidence

How Our Basingstoke Boxercise Class Will Roll...

Once the brand new Village Gym Basingstoke opens, we'll expect the class to go a little like this...

Warm Up 
Skipping, shoulder circles, stretches, bob and weaves

To work on your cross, jab, hook, lunges and step-ups

Boxercise Drill
Punches, kicks, burpees, shuttle runs, squats, sit-ups... and sweat!

Core Work
Targetted excersises for the abs and back

Cool Down
A good stretch from head to toe... and a pat on the back!

Boxercise For Seniors

As we age, our bodies start to experience those tell-tale aches and pains.

Strengthening key muscles will help to relieve the pains that come with age, including back pain, neck pain, arthritis, osteoporosis and stiff joints.

Our Basingstoke Boxercise class is focussed on strengthening the core muscles, for better balance and coordination.

Improving your ability to maintain your centre of gravity is great for improving posture, helping you to walk more comfortably and reducing the risk of falls. The aerobic aspect of our Basingstoke Boxercise class will also help to maintain great heart health.

What Our Boxercise Lovers Say

"I've been doing Boxercise classes at Village Gym for the past six months. I've lost almost a stone in weight and have noticed an improvement in my body shape. My arms are more toned, my abs are stronger and I have loads more energy."

Tom | Member at Village Gym 

Boxercise For Back Pain

All that ducking, diving and maintaining your balance will help to tone your core. As your abs get stronger, this takes pressure off the spine, helping to relieve back pain and ailments such as sciatica.

A stronger core will also improve your posture, ensuring you stand taller, walk easier and further reduce back pain. 

What To Bring to Basingstoke Boxercise

If you're hitting the brand new Boxercise studio at Village Gym Basingstoke, we recommend you bring...

A sweat towel (because you'll certainly sweat)

A bottle of water to stay hydrated

Comfortable trainers with good grips

Form-fitting gym wear that allows you to move freely

A light snack to refuel after your Boxercise session

Boxercise Tips

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Boxercise fan, if you're joining a Boxercise class in Basingstoke, we've outlined a few tips to maximise your workout...

Start slow. If you're new to our Boxercise class, don't burn yourself out within the first 10 minutes! Go at our own pace whilst you get to grips with the techniques.

If you punch lighter, you'll be able to complete more rounds. Put extra power into your punches or increase rounds to add more challenge to your workout.

Watch others, to help you perfect your punch and hone your technique.

Let your instructor know if you have any health issues or injuries so that we can adapt exercises for your comfort. 

Boxercise For Stress Relief

Our Boxercise class is a great way to relieve tension and the stresses of your day.

Though there is no physical contact, you'll learn to control your body and channel your energy through precise moves, releasing aggression without hurting anyone!

Tough day at the office? Stressful family life? Let's relieve some tension and get your fitness kicks too!


Play Racket Sports? Boxercise!

If you love a game of tennis, sprinting around the squash court or a round of golf, you'll know that great hand-eye coordination is essential. 

By regularly attending our Boxercise class in Basingstoke, you'll improve hand-eye coordination and become more accurate with your serve, return and swing!

Boxercise is a great way to improve your motor skills, reaction times and agility, making it ideal for fans of racket sports. 


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