Swindon Yoga Studio

Located in the West of Swindon, our Yoga classes are a great way to discover the art of stretch movements and deep breathing techniques in your local area.  

Our classes are designed to be accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels so whether you have a casual interest in Yoga or consider yourself a pro, you’re sure to find a style that suits you. 

Our Yoga classes at Village Gym Swindon include a number of different types, ranging from the gentle movements of Hatha Yoga to more advanced movements present in Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga.



At Village Gym Swindon, our Yoga classes prioritize holistic well being by incorporating gentle movements that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. By teaching proper alignment to prevent injuries, we aim to optimize the benefits of each pose. 

Through our Yoga exercises, participants strengthen their back, upper body, and core while enhancing balance, posture, and overall body tone.



Our Swindon Yoga classes offer something for everyone, whether you’re looking to improve your physical, mental, and emotional well being or considering a gentler workout regime.  

Individuals recovering from injuries or managing chronic conditions will find Yoga's low-impact nature an effective switch-up from more rigorous forms of exercise. 

It’s also ideal for expectant mothers and busy professionals alike, offering slow and deliberate movements and mindfulness techniques to reduce stress levels and create a sense of relaxation. 


Yoga brings many benefits for both body and mind. It helps make your body more flexible, stronger, and balanced through different poses and movements, making you feel healthier. 

Doing yoga regularly can make you feel less stressed, anxious, and sad by teaching you to relax and be mindful, helping you think more clearly.

It also helps you feel emotionally stronger, more aware of yourself, and calmer, giving you a better outlook on life.


Our members love to socialise! Joining our Swindon Yoga class is more than just exercise, it’s a great way to connect with the whole fitness community, helping you to feel more motivated and perform better.

Many of our Yoga enthusiasts like to blend their stretching routine with social interaction. After class, many Pilates enthusiasts unwind with a well-deserved drink at the bar. 

Additionally, the release of feel-good hormones from exercising with friends serves as a natural stress reliever, promoting feelings of calmness and contentment.


Our Hatha yoga class is all about smooth, controlled movements. We'll move slowly, holding poses for lengths of time to improve your balance and posture. The breathing exercises will help to bring calm to the mind and body as you move. Our hatha yoga class is a great way to de-stress.  

Yogi Level: Beginners wanting to learn basic poses.

Benefits: Relieve stress, full body toning, improved breathing.  


Vinyasa yoga offers a faster, more upbeat workout, great for those that love to throw shapes! Think, motivational tunes, choreographed moves and a focus on breathing to find your flow.

Our Vinyasa yoga class is a great choice for beginners, or those with experience, looking for a fresh challenge.

Vinyasa yoga will certainly get your heart pumping, perfect for lovers of cardio fitness. 

Turn the tunes up, and challenge your body with key poses, as you move in time with your breath.

Yogi Level: All. From beginners keen to learn the basics, through to advanced members who want to tone the body.

Benefits: Improve your core strength, flexibility, tone the abs and upper body, reduce high blood pressure. 


Our Ashtanga yoga class is designed for yoga lovers who want a little more excitement.

Perfect for building core strength and toning the body, we'll start with sun salutations before moving into a range of postures, a full body toning session and then finish with a moment of relaxation. This is an upbeat class once it gets going, so prepare to sweat and push your physical limits!


Ashtanga Yoga is a great alternative to your usual workout, with plenty of swift movements that will increase your heart rate. It's a great fitness class for stress relief, weight loss and increasing flexibility.

Yogi Level: Advanced. Physically fit members ready to mix up their workout.

Benefits: Relieve stress, improve coordination and kickstart metabolism for aiding weight loss. 

Benefits of Yoga

Speed Up Circulation

It's been shown that attending regular yoga classes can help to improve circulation and blood pressure. 


Good For The Gut

Get your heart pumping, whilst working key muscles to speed up sluggish digestion.

Get Set To Flex

Throughout the yoga class, you'll move your joints through their full range of motion, encouraging mobility and easing pressure. The gentle stretching releases muscle tension. It's a great fitness class for those with lower back pain or stiff joints.

Calm Those Nerves

Improved blood circulation, relaxation of the muscles and a focus on breathing all come together to soothe the nervous system. A great fitness class for reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

Perfect That Posture

Using controlled movements to stretch the spine will help to perfect your posture, so that you stand correctly. This relieves pressure on the neck and back. Plus, great posture helps you to look taller and slimmer!


Aid Injury

Low impact fitness classes are a great option for those recovering from muscle imbalances or injuries.  The slow movements stop the body from moving too quickly, whilst allowing your core muscles to be worked. 

Improve Balance

Our Yoga classes are the perfect way to work on your physical co-ordination, improve your balance and build core strength.

Better Breathing

The breathing techniques in our yoga class can help to increase lung capacity and improve your air circulation. You may just find you'll sleep much better too! Correct breathing has been shown to help you get to sleep much faster.



If you love yoga, you'll love BodyBalance by Les Mills. This yoga based fitness class will help to increase your body's flexibility and core strength.


Raise the Barre

Our Barre fitness class, by Les Mills, is a great choice for all fitness and flexibility levels.

Using classic ballet positions along with high repetitions of barre movements using very light weights, our Barre workout can help to improve posture and tone your body. 

The benefits of a Yoga class

The health benefits of a holistic class go way further than just toning and strengthening the body. 

Take a look at the other wellness-boosting effects you'll get from a yoga class...


Our Pilates class is designed to develop physical strength and stamina, with a focus on the core. If you love our Yoga class, give Pilates a try.


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