Spin Classes Near Me

Because no one wants to be out pedalling their bike in the dark or drizzle, come on in and take a spin at our indoor cycling class!

This group exercise class is a highly effective cardio and strength workout. Ride in time to the beat of your favourite workout tunes, as we get your lungs pumping, your glutes working and your quads burning!

A great fat burning workout to tone the lower body and increase your cardio fitness.

What is group cycling?

Ready to shake up your fitness regime? Our spin classes will get your heart pumping and your feet pedalling to a party playlist, at different speeds and intensities for a killer cardio class. Led by our qualified spin instructors, you’ll target the lower body by cycling at speed, on an incline and by upping the intensity per track. Just think, it’s a party on a bike… let’s kick-start your fitness with a 45 minute spin class!

Which Group Cycling Classes Burn The Most Calories?

Sprint and RPM by Les Mills both make our top 10 classes that burn the most calories.

RPM can blast up to 675 calories in 45 minutes - perfect for those on a weight loss journey.

The calorie killing Sprint class can burn up to 450 calories plus, there is a post-class EPOC effect, meaning you’ll be burning calories long after leaving the studio.

Take The Trip

The Trip by Les Mills has taken indoor cycling to a new level. That’s right, it’s an immersive experience that will see you ride through beautiful islands, underwater caves & snowy mountains! It’s so cool that it’s only available in a handful of worldwide fitness clubs, and Village Gym is one of them! Great for adrenaline junkies, fun-lovers and anyone that needs to mix up their fitness routine with an ounce of fun.

Group Cycling Classes

At Village Gym, we offer a range of thrill-seeking spin classes to suit all styles, fitness abilities & work schedules. HIIT lovers = Les Mills Sprint, with intense bursts of sprints and short rests. V Spin, exclusive to Village Gym, great for blitzing that fat! RPM is popular for spin fanatics who love a killer low impact workout where you control the intensity. Take your pick…


RPM by Les Mills is a calorie killing, low impact workout. You get to control the intensity, so it’s perfect for newbies and spin addicts alike. Take a seat, pedal to our pumping playlist and let your instructors take you through the hills, flat cycling and intense sprint bursts. We’ll get you hitting that cardio peak, before easing down to a slower pace.

Les Mills Sprint

Les Mills Sprint is a 30 minute high intensity spin class where you will pedal to the medal to achieve fast blasting results. We’ll combine short intense sprint bursts, working you to your maximum heart rate, with periods of rest in between to prepare you for the next full throttle.

Which group cycling class is for me?

If you haven’t tried a spin class before, but want a fun way to get your fitness fix, our spin classes at Village Gym will ensure you get your cardio and strength workout done in one session.

Which class you ask? Well that’s dependent on what you like. So, take a quick look at the different types of spin classes we offer to help you find your fave...

Spin For Beginners

If you’re a newbie to spin, no problem, come on in and join the fun. Our spin classes will ensure you get your cardio and strength workout all in one session. Wondering which spin class suits you? Well it depends on you and your goals. Take a look at a few of our spin classes and our top tips for beginners…

What should I bring to a spin class?

Water… you are going to get sweaty and warm! So stay hydrated.
Towel… did we say you are going to sweat?
Shorts or leggings… form fitting gym gear all the way so you don’t catch your togs on the pedals! 
Snack… it’s a calorie blitzing class, you’ll want to refuel afterwards with a light snack or protein bar.

The Benefits Of Indoor Group Cycling

Perfect for building cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone, group cycling offers a low impact workout with high impact results. 

A look at the fitness kicks you can expect from your Indoor Cycling class...


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