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If you're ready for a low impact workout that reaps all the benefits of a full body toning session, you'll love our Pilates classes at Village Gym Basingstoke . Add a little fun to your fitness routine and improve your flexibility, posture and balance, whilst also relaxing the mind to ensure you leave our studio feeling happy!

Our Basingstoke Pilates class is set in our brand new fitness class studio, offering a great full body workout,  without the need for sweating it out on the gym floor.

Basingstoke Pilates

Pilates isn't just about making like a tree or cortorting your body into strange new shapes! At Village Gym Basingstoke, our Pilates classes focus on controlled, precise movements and breathing techniques for a full body workout, without the fast pace.  

Using your own bodyweight against the force of gravity, you'll improve the back, upper body and core muscles for increased strength, balance, posture and overall body tone.  

Who Will Love Pilates

Our Pilates class is more about flow than fast-paced fitness. The low impact moves we use make it ideal for all ages and abilities.

Many people who struggle with lower back pain or osteoporosis choose pilates as a full body workout that is gentle on the joints.  It's about quality not quantity, so we won't leave you feeling beat!

Our Basingstoke pilates class is a great option for anyone who loves the social side of a group workout, members keen to lose weight or anyone looking for a fun way to tone up.

What To Wear For Your Pilates Class

If you're about to hit our brand new Pilates studio at Village Gym Basingstoke, you might be headscratching over the correct attire. 

Our Pilates class wil have you performaing lots of smooth movements, so you'll want to wear something that allows your body stretch and move freely.

We've put together a few tips on the perfect workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Basingstoke pilates studio dressed for success.

pilates for better balance

Having a great sense of balaance isn't just about how long you can stand on one leg without toppling over!

Our Basingstoke Pilates classes focus on improving balance in order to make everyday activities much easier. We'll challenge your body’s ability to move slowly, transition and control certain positions. You should find that you walk taller, stagger less and find bending and stretching much easier. 


Our Basingstoke pilates class is ideal for members who want to improve muscle tone, lose weight or scuplt a more lean figure. 

The exercises used in our Pilates class will target muscle groups individually, allowing you to strengthen and tone key areas such as the legs, glutes, abs and thighs.

It's not a high energy workout, so it takes time to transform your body through Pilates, though add a weekly Pilates class to your usual gym routine and over time you'll notice firmer thighs, tighter glutes and a flatter stomach.



Expect to get to grips with the following during your pilates class at Village Gym Basingstoke...

The hundred (while focussing on breathing, we'll target core strength to improve stability)

The roll up (a gentle, well-controlled move to stretch the spine and strengthen abs)

Leg circles (pilates movements to strengthen the hips and core muscles)

Rolling ball (this move will massage the spine and open up the back)

Series of 5 (a series of pilates moves designed to strengthen the core and back muscles)

Pilates For Older Adults

Thanks to the low impact nature of Pilates, it's no surprise that it's popular with fitness fanatics over a certain age.

Older members will love our Basingstoke Pilates class as it's easy on the knees, simple to follow and won't leave you feeling burned out!

Great for low back pain sufferers, older adults with joint paint or those looking for an effective way to stay fit without the need for a fast paced workout.  

Pilates For Weight Loss

Our Pilates classes are low intensity, so won't torch fat in the same way a high energy cardio class will. Though, they will help you to add strength and muscle mass, improving your body's ability to burn fat.

Add a Pilates class to your usual weight loss training programme to speed up your weight loss mission and tone up at the same time.

A more toned physique also helps the body to appear slimmer. So if weight loss is your goal, our Basingstoke Pilates class can make a great addition to your usual gym routine.

Pilates For Back Pain

Tendency to hobble? Struggle to straighten up? If you're suffering from back pain, it can be hard to find a workout that works for you.

Pilates has been hailed as one of the best exercises for back pain. All that gentle stretching will help to strengthen, tone and detoxify the body. 

Our Basingstoke Pilates class is a great way to improve flexibility and align your spine, taking pressure off the back and helping to relieve pain. 

Pilates For Beginners

Do you know your Powerhouse from your Prone?

If you haven't tried Pilates yet, it's currently one of the most popular fitness classes out there.

Now, it may look from a distance much like a load of people in lycra, pretending to be trees, but Pilates is actually a great full body toning workout.

If you're a Pilates newbie, we've outlined a few basics to get you started and prep you on what to expect for your first Basingstoke Pilates class.

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