Boxercise Classes in Cheadle

Trying to lose weight? Keen to tone up? Bored of your usual fitness routine?

Enjoy a fast-paced full body workout with our Boxercise class in Cheadle.

Punch, kick, bob and weave your way to a stronger physique through techniques used by boxers.

Our Cheadle Boxercise class is a fun workout with friends and one that will certainly get your heart pumping! 

Who Will Love Our Boxercise Class

Our Cheadle Boxercise class is a great fitness class if you're trying to lose weight, tone up or work on your cardio fitness.

Combining padwork, boxing circuit training, cardio exercises and resistance, this is a high energy workout any cardio fan or HIIT lover will enjoy.

Our Boxercise class in Cheadle is a great way to release aggression, feel calmer, tone the body and burn fat.

So if either of these are on your 'hit' list, this is the class for you!

Boxercise Moves

Our Cheadle Boxercise class isn't 'boxing' per say. It's a circuit-based cardio workout featuring techniques used by boxers throughout their training.

In fact, you won't make physical contact with your boxing buddies. 

You'll tackle exercises including shadow-boxing, skipping, hitting pads, kicking punchbags, press-ups, shuttle-runs, squats and sit-ups.


How Can I Lose Weight With Boxercise?

If you're getting started on a body transformation, or have hit a weight loss plateau, our Boxercise class in Cheadle is a great way to fire up your metabolism and blast fat.

Combine our Boxercise class with your usual cardio routine and you'll notice better weight loss results and a more toned body. 

It's a fast-paced class, but as it works the whole body in one go, you'll build muscle mass which will keep you burning calories for longer. 

30 minutes of Boxercise can burn up to 350 calories, so it's a great choice for Cheadle members with weight loss goals. 

Who is Boxercise Suitable For?

Our Boxercise class in Cheadle is suitable for all ages and abilities. Though it's a high energy fitness class, so be prepared to work hard and push your physical limits!

Fans of our Cheadle Boxercise class include beginners, older adults, ante natal and post natal women, cardio lovers, body builders and HIIT class fans.

If you're a Boxercise beginner,  we recommend taking it easy and building up your intensity over your first few Boxercise sessions. 

What Are The Benefits of Boxercise?

As a full body workout, our Cheadle Boxercise class offers benefits for the whole body... 

Enhanced mental agility 
Improved hand- eye coordination 
Increased stamina 
Better core strength 
Improved muscle tone
Lower stress levels
Higher metabolism to lose weight
Improved confidence in defence techniques

How Our Cheadle Boxercise Class Might Go...

If you're attending a Boxercise class at Village Gym Cheadle, you can expect the class to include the following...

Warm Up Exercises 
Skipping, shoulder stretches, bob and weaves

Padwork Practice
To work on your cross, jab, hook, lunges and step-ups

Boxercise Drills
Punches, kicks, burpees, shuttle runs, squats, sit-ups... and sweat!

Boxercise Core Work
Targetted excersises for the abs and back

Cool Down
A good stretch from head to toe... and a pat on the back!

Is Boxercise Good For Toning?

Sure is!

Our Cheadle Boxercise class will work every muscle in the body, especially the core and the shoulders.

You'll also notice firmer legs, tighter thighs, more defined arms and a more toned chest.

Many of our Cheadle members consider Boxercise as their top choice for toning when combined with cardio work on the gym floor.


How Does Boxercise Help Older Adults?

Our Cheadle Boxercise class is popular amongst our older members, who have reported the following benefits...

Relief from back pain
Treatment for arthritis, osteoporosis and stiff joints 
Better balance, reducing the risk of falls
Improved hand-eye coordination
Better cardiovascular fitness
Improved posture when walking
Better sleep
More energy
An increased feeling of safety having learned self-defence techniques

What Is Boxercise Effective For?

Back Pain

Boxercise works the whole body, strengthening both the abs and back muscles. Great for members who suffer from sciatica, osteoarthitis, scoiosis and fibromyalgia. 

Muscle Injuries

If you suffer from muscular tension or strains, Boxercise can be used to help repair and rebuild muscle tissue. 

Breathing Difficulties

This cardio workout will improve lunch capacity to help aid lung problems and asthma.

Type 2 Diabetes

Blitzing calories and burning fat, Boxercise can help you to lose weight in order tomanage Type 2 Diabetes

Please consult your GP before taking part in a Boxercise class if you have any health conditions.

What To Bring to Boxercise

If you're hitting the Boxercise studio at Village Gym Cheadle, we recommend you bring with you...

A sweat towel (because you'll certainly sweat)

A bottle of water to stay hydrated

Comfortable trainers with good grips

Form-fitting gym wear that allows you to move freely

A light snack to refuel after your Boxercise session

I'm Pregnant, Can I Do boxercise?

Just because you're with child, doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun!

Our Cheadle Boxercise class is suitable for pregnant women who have been given consent by their GP. We advise the following for pregnant women taking our Boxercise class...

Take regular small drinks of water to avoid overheating
Eat a small snack before your class such as a banana or granola to keep your blood sugar levels stable 
Choose trainers with rubber soles for good grip to avoid slipping 
Monitor your breathing and adjust your intensity if the moves become too challenging
Ask your Boxercise instructor to modify any techniques you may find too difficult or uncomfortable.


How Boxercise Began

Boxercise started in the UK in 1992, created by boxing coach Andy Wake.

His original Boxercise company took the fitness world by storm, gaining over 1.2 million participants in the UK throughout the nineties.

The concept became popular worldwide as a generic fitness class and also with personal trainers who started to use padwork to train their clients. 

Both of which we do today at Village Gym Cheadle. 

Can Boxercise Improve Coordination?

Yes, become a regular attendee at our Cheadle Boxercise class and you'll improve your hand-eye coordination, agility and response time.

You'll be quick off the mark when blocking a punch, react faster and have a better sense of your surroundings. 

If you love a game of tennis, squash or a round of golf, you'll help to perfect your shots with a Boxercise class. 

It's also ideal for older adults to ensure hand-eye coordination is on top form. 


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