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Hull Zumba

Combining beats you just can't help move to, with expert-led dance moves, at Village Gym Hull, you’ll Zumba your way through a toning cardio workout that targets every major muscle group in the body, improving flexibility and boosting your energy levels.

Our Hull Zumba Classes

Our Zumba classes in Hull are led by expert fitness instructors, to the latest dance music, with choreographed moves inspired by samba, mambo and salsa. 

This is a full body cardio workout for anyone who loves to dance! No experience required... just get ready to shake those hips!


Zumba is one of many fitness classes at Village Gym Hull that works for everyone. 

If you're a newcomer, you'll find the steps easy to pick up and our super friendly instructors are on hand to help you find your feet.

No dance experience is required, just a load of enthusiasm! Many of our older Hull Gym members enjoy our Zumba class for a low impact way to tone up. 

Zumba For Men

Zumba was actually created by a man. Beto Perez, a seriously cool guy from Colombia who knows how to dance. So it's no surprise he has an abundance of cool male friends and a following of swooning women!

Guys of Hull, it's time to zumba! And here's why...

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