CXWORX Classes in Portsmouth

Our Village Gym Portsmouth CXWORX class is 30 minutes of intense core training that will work those abs and strengthen your core.

Led by a Village Gym instructor, you'll use your body weight, as well as resistance tubing and weight plates to develop core strength and tone the body. 

This could be one of the most intense 30 minutes of your day... are you ready for CXWORX?

What's Great About CXWORX?

Members who love our CXWORX class in Portsmouth say it's one of the best group workouts for toning and core strength.  

It's suitable for all ages, all fitness levels and even beginners. 

If you love to workout as a group, you'll love the social buzz of our Portsmouth Les Mills CXWORX class, as well as the pumping playlist, variety of muscle building techniques and the motivational you'll get from your Village Gym instructor!

Our Portsmouth CXWORX class

CXWORX classes at Village Gym Portsmouth can be enjoyed in just 30 minutes. You'll get to grips with a number of exercises using resistance tubes and weights, as well as bodyweight exercises to work the abs and back.

New to our CXWORX class? All of the exercises can be modified to suit your fitness level, and you'll have the expertise of your Village Gym instructor to help you perfect your technique.

There'll be a warm up, a series of core exercises to work the abs and back muscles, then a cool down to finish. 

Can I Lose Weight Doing CXWORX?

Our Portsmouth CXWORX class will make a great supplement to any weight loss plan.

We'll get your cardio fitness improved with heart-pumping moves and exercises that will build muscle. Additional muscle mass will keep your metabolism boosted, helping you to burn more calories and fat.

Combine your CXWORX classes with regular cardio and strength exercises in the gym, and as you begin to lose weight, our CXWORX class will help you to tone up that trimmer tum! 


CXWORX in Just 30 Minutes

Bored on your lunch break? Keen to beat the traffic?

Enjoy a CXWORX class in Portsmouth and get your workout done in half an hour. A great way to break up the day if you spend your nine to five hunched over a desk.

Or hit the studio after work and get your workout completed before you head home for a well-earned rest.

In just 30 minutes, you'll get a core toning workout that will reduce back pain, strengthen the abs and be home on time for a delicious dinner!

How often should I do CXWORX?

To get the most out of your CXWORX workouts, we'd recommend joining a class regularly.

Attending just the once won't give you the results you're hoping for. So, Portsmouth gym members usually attend CXWORX classes twice a week. 

If you're trying to lose weight, mix in a CXWORX class with cardio work on the gym floor to help blitz calories and burn fat.

If you're keen to build muscle, 2-3 times a week of CXWORX will help get you there.


Book your CXWORX class in Portsmouth

Great for quick gains, a stronger body and a leaner look.

Book your Portsmouth CXWORX class via the app or view the class timetable at your club...

Virtual CXWORX

If you prefer to get your workout done during the quiter off-peak hours, or love to burn the late night oil, you'll enjoy a virtual CXWORX class. 

Our virtual CXWORX classes in Portsmouth offer all the same benefits you'll get from the instructor-led class. Simpy follow your on-screen instructor and feel the burn!


Is CXWORX Good For Seniors?

Our Portsmouth CXWORX class is high energy, though there's no reason why senior members can't get in on the action! 

Whether you're nineteen or ninety, our CXWORX class will give you a great core workout, which can be modified to suit your pace.

If you find certain techniques uncomfortable, your Village Gym instructor will suggest alternatives to ensure you get the most out of the class. 

Strengthening the core can help to make every day activities much more manageable, such as carrying, reaching and bending. 

The Benefits of CXWORX

Become a regular at our Les Mills CXWORX classes in Portsmouth and you'll enjoy a number of healthy benefits...

Tighter & more toned abdominal muscles
Improved upper and lower body strength 
Improved balance and flexibility
Additional lean muscle mass for extra fat-burning potential
More calories burned to aid your weight loss goals
Improved posture and better stride


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