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Group indoor cycling, commonly known as 'spinning', offers a high-intensity yet low-impact cardio workout, perfect for all fitness levels.

Our group cycling classes range from classic indoor cycling workouts, to RPM and Sprint from Les Mills, plus the cutting-edge immersive cycling experience, The Trip (available at selected clubs and also as a virtual class.)



Train. Tone. Sculpt. Sweat.

Our group cycling classes will ensure you get your cardio and strength workout done in one session.

You'll get your heart racing, your lungs pumping and feel the burn as you tone the calves, glutes and quads.

Group cycling is a great fat-burning workout, making it the perfect addition to your weight loss training plan. 

Pick Your Passion

HIIT training fans will love Sprint from Les Mills, combining intense sprints with brief resting periods for maximum calorie burn.

V Spin is our very own group cycling class, designed to torch fat and improve your cardio fitness. 

RPM by Les Mills is ideal for members looking for a fun, low impact workout. You control the intensity, so it’s a great choice for newbies and group cycling pros.

Ready For The Trip?

The Trip by Les Mills is an immersive group cycling experience that will see you ride through a digital world of undewater caves and snow-peaked mountains. 

Available only in a handful of fitness clubs around the world, The Trip is erfect for thrill-seekers, fun-lovers and anyone that loves a creative approach to exercise.

Which Group Cycling Classes Burn The Most Calories?

Both Sprint and RPM by Les Mills make our top ten list of Les Mills classes that burn the most calories. 

RPM can burn up to 675 calories during a 45-minute workout. An ideal class for weight loss and toning the legs. 

Whilst calorie-busting Sprint can burn up to 450 calories, plus features the post-workout EPOC effect, burning calories long after you leave the studio.

The Benefits of Group Cycling

By regularly attending our cycling classes, you'll build cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. You'll also enjoy a high energy workout without the impact, making it a great choice for senior members or those with joint pain. 

A look at the fitness kicks you can expect from your Group Cycling class...


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