HealthHero is included free of charge for the new commitment period of any existing member who chooses to recommit to a new 12 month agreement on a gold results, off peak results, gold annual and off peak annual membership. Existing members must be paying current member pricing/move to current new member pricing in order to be eligible for HealthHero in this example [i.e. not an old or discounted rate].

HealthHero may be purchased for a fee of £5 p/m for any member who wishes to access this benefit and does not wish to enter into a new 12 month agreement on one of the above mentioned membership options. 

For clarity, HealthHero is not free of charge for Gold Flexible, Off Peak Flexible, Student, Young Person, 14-15 years, 55+, Weekend, Juniors, 6 month results and corporate discount membership types.

Access for members to HealthHero will commence from start date of the HealthHero add-on. Eligible members will receive an email confirmation when access to HealthHero becomes available. 

Advance paid members who took out their membership prior to this service being offered may add-on HealthHero for £5p/m for the remainder of their advance paid membership. HealthHero will then be included within the next renewal, on selected memberships at full headline rate. 

HealthHero operates as an independent  third party, Village acts as an introductory between Village Members and HealthHero.  Village accepts no liability for any services offered by HealthHero.

Village reserves the right to remove HealthHero at any point, without prior notice.

Access to HealthHero is via a portal which can be found in the members area and directed to within the Village Gym App. Your access code updates monthly and is emailed to you at the start of each calendar month. 

Access to HealthHero is only available in months where your membership is active and paid for. HealthHero access is not available, for example, when the membership is frozen or in arrears. 

HealthHero free of charge will not auto-enroll at the end of the commitment period into a paid add-on. You may however, at that time, choose to extend HealthHero on one of the options available to you then; which for example could include, recommit for another 12 months to get it free of charge, or choose the chargeable option at £5/pm without extending your commitment period.

Further standard terms and conditions apply.


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