Fitness isn't just about what you get done in the gym. Half of the battle on the quest for a fitter form is finding the attitude that says 'I can', and a plan you'll love sticking to.

So let's ditch the fad diets and quick fix fitness.

Whether you plan to tone up, trim down or simply feel fitter, your journey begins with a solid plan of action, bags of motivation, plus plenty of inspiration.

When you sign up to Village Advance plan, we'll send you weekly tips, tricks and motivational support to help you smash those goals. Plus a free health and wellbeing check and a personalised fitness plan to kickstart your routine. 


One thing's for sure, you're not on this road alone. Consider us your motivators, educators and moral support on the quest for smashing those goals.

Whichever journey you choose to take, we'll ensure you stay motivated with tips and tricks from the experts, plus plenty of food for thought...



Nutritionally balanced recipes to keep your fitness journey exciting.


Check out top tips from our panel of fitness experts to keep you inspired. 


We'll send a tailored meal plan direct to your inbox each week, to keep your food schedule fresh and effective.


We'll keep you up to speed on the latest fitness insights, How To guides and motivational tips.


If you're keen to trim down, we'll support you on your quest. Starting with a full Health Check, we'll outline a fitness plan you'll enjoy, plus weekly eats to keep your meals low in calories, yet still delicious. 

There'll be plenty of expert fat loss advice, plus weekly in club activities to ensure we keep your fitness fuelled!


If you just feel like there's a better version of you in there, we'll find it, and bring it to life!

Our General Fitness journey will inspire you to become fitter, faster, stronger or leaner, giving you an energy boost and making you feel that bit more awesome. 

Muscle Gain

Hustle for that muscle! Our Muscle Gain journey focuses on building lean muscle mass, through targeted exercises based on expert advice. 

We'll fill your plate with muscle-boosting eats with a weekly meal plan, plus send you plenty of fitspiration to help you get that strong, lean look. 


Wellness is all about creating good habits for a happier, healthier life. We can't simply achieve wellness overnight, it takes time, practice and an understanding of what your body needs to keep your mind happy. 

Sounds complicated, it really isn't. A few small tweaks to your usual routine will bring on a positive attitude, better focus and improved mental wellbeing. 



One for the ladies! 

From planning your fitness around your cycle, to conquering gymtimidation, we cover a bumper crop of female friendly advice and motivation to help boost confidence and smash those goals. 


Whether you're toning up or trimming down, power up your mission with educational activities in club, including sample classes and expert-led fitness workshops.

Tackle tasters of our Burn class, get to grips with good eats or perfect your technique in the fitness clinic. Check out what's on at your club via the app.



Whatever your goal, we've got you. 

To get started on a Village Advance plan, say hello below, and a member of the team will be in touch to arrange a free Health & Wellbeing Check to get you started. 

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