Fitness Classes In Aberdeen

At Village Gym Aberdeen we like to spoil our members with 100+ exercise classes to choose from. We know you like to keep your routine fresh and fun so, we’ve got your back. From Aqua, Tai Chi and Yoga, to intense boxing classes, spin and the latest HIIT classes from Les Mills. However you like to get it in, we’ve got a gym class for you!

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a newbie or seasonal class goer, pick your fitness passion.

Why You Should Attend Our Exercise Classes?

Improves your cardiovascular fitness and conditioning 

Full body workouts with lean muscle building 

The ultimate calorie burn to help with weight loss 

Time under tension targeting different muscle groups 

Socialisation and motivation through group training 



Take on a HIIT class in our Aberdeen gym to sweat and feel the ultimate burn! Whether it’s a circuits class, Les Mills GRIT, an intense HIIT Step class or our killer Village Burn session, you’re guaranteed to shred fat and hit calorie burning highs.


We know the Scots love to shake it out and bust a move! So get your hips moving at Les Mills Sh’Bam, a little Zumba fun, or a high intensity fat burning BodyJam session in our dance studio. Feel good as you move to the beat and work up a sweat.


Now take your seat and get ready to pump those legs at our strengthening spin classes. We offer a range of spin classes including RPM, Sprint, V Cycle and The Trip from Les Mills.

The intensity is up to you. Go at your own pace, or pedal like you’re cycling for your life! Our Aberdeen spin classes will tone your legs, glutes and hamstrings as well as keeping you trim and your cardio game strong!


Calling all Aberdeen Yoga bunnies… Get a slighter physique with our stretching and limb-lengthening yoga, posture perfecting Pilates and our balance boosting Tai Chi classes. Holistic workouts may be slow paced but you’ll still feel the burn, leaving our classes feeling stretched, strong, centred and calm.

Any boxing lovers in Aberdeen?

Kick, punch and fight your way towards those fitness goals with our range of martial art styled classes. With the choice of Boxercise, Boxfit, Fighting Fit and BodyCombat, our boxing classes will fuel your cardio needs and let you blitz those calories with a full body toning session.

Just getting started?

If you’re new to our Aberdeen studio, or simply fancy switching it up with a new class, don’t worry we’ll adapt and break you in gently. Most of our Aberdeen exercise classes in Scotland can be modified, making them ideal for all fitness levels and capabilities. Just speak to our instructors and they will keep an eye on you and change up the moves when things get a bit intense.

Exercise Classes For Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, then hit our killer fat-burning cardio exercise classes which are focused solely on muscle growth, to keep that metabolism burning and weight going down.

It’s all about the burn and cardio will give you that feeling. Plus, we’ve got so many classes to choose from.


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