Tips For Spin Beginners

21st May 2024 by Emily

Group indoor cycling, commonly known as Spin class, is a high-intensity, low-impact cardio workout, perfect for all fitness levels, including beginners. 

Les Mills Classes - Guide to Burned Calories

16th May 2024 by Siân

If weight loss is your goal, you won't find a better way to burn the calories than one of our Les Mills Classes. Les Mills certainly know their stuff when it comes to fat-burning workouts that will keep you coming back for more!

Glutes glorious glutes!

9th May 2024 by Emily

Let’s talk booty. You already know your gluteus maximus is the big cheese in your muscle lineup. Well, it's time to give those glutes the spotlight they deserve!

Combat & Cocktails

8th May 2024 by Emily

Combat and cocktails, yes, you heard it correctly! Get stuck into a body combat class followed by a cheeky cocktail after.

Pilates & Lattes

8th May 2024 by Emily

Our members are loving Pilates and Lattes! How great does that sound? 


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