Yoga For Seniors

How can yoga benefit senior fitness lovers?

As we get older, our bodies aren't quite as flexible as they used to be! The joints become stiffer and we suffer with the onset of back pain that has us taking twice as long to get out of bed in the morning!

Exercise is one of the best ways for seniors to stay limber and help tackle every day tasks much more easily. 

Many adults over a certain age choose yoga to maintain their fitness levels, thanks to the many benefits and low impact exercise techniques which put less pressure on the body than many other aerobic fitness classes.

Yoga for muscle pain

Yoga is a great option for seniors suffering from conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis or other muscular pain. The gentle stretching exercises help to re-align the spine, taking pressure off the back muscles, and helping to relieve pain.

So it's no surprise that our yoga classes are so popular with older fitness fans. In fact, our Edinburgh Yoga class appears to be one of the most popular amongst members over the age of 60. They love nothing more than a morning yoga session, followed by a cuppa tea afterwards in the Village Grill!

Yoga for balance and posture

Attending regular yoga classes has many benefits including helping older adults to improve balance and posture, making everyday activities such as lifting and reaching much easier, and also reducing the risk of falls. Studies have shown that regular yoga has drastically reduced the number of reported falls in seniors, thanks to an improvement in core strength, and therefore balance. 

Toning with yoga

Yoga is a slow, gentle fitness class though it will still give you a full body workout to tone and strengthen key muscles.

You won't feel exhausted, though you will get your heart pumping just enough to maintain good cardiovascular health. Even better if you combine it with some light cardio activity such as walking or slow cycling on the gym floor.

Here's what our yoga loving members say:

"I've been enjoying Yoga classes in Aberdeen for over a year and have noticed an improvement in my chronic back pain. It's easy to follow and always a good turnout, so it's nice to catch up with other members of a similar age."

"I attend yoga classes twice a week and consider it one of the highlights of my week. You get to know the regular 'yogis' as they call us, and form great friendships too. It's not just about the fitness, it's about the friendship circle which is important for us older folk!"

Ready to try yoga? Book your class online via the member's area or find your club to view the timetable!



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