Zumba For Beginners

If you love to throw shapes and get your workout done to the latest dance tunes, you'll love our selection of dance-inspired fitness classes! Zumba has become increasingly popular with members old and new, thanks to the fun workout style, bags of variety and constantly evolving techniques. 

Zumba is an aerobic based dance workout using Latin inspired dance moves and motivational music to keep you moving and get your heart pumping. Great for cardio fitness, toning and weight loss, it's open to all and guaranteed fun!

We sat down with Leisure Operations Manager, Karen from Village Gym St. David's Park, to find out more...

"Our Zumba classes are totally uninhibited, so members of any fitness level are encouraged to leave their insecurities at the door and let loose. Being a newbie in any class can be intimidating but the great thing about our Zumba classes is that they are suitable for all levels of fitness, ages and abilities."

No Experience Required

"You don't have to be a pro dancer or have fantastic coordination skills to participate in a Zumba class and because of the format and content you will not even realise you are working up a sweat!"

Great for new members who want to get started on a new fitness routine, or anyone keen to try out a fun new fitness class... whether you have two left feet or lack rhythmn, we'll get you shimmying and shaking your way to a fitter physique. 

Good Things To Know

Before attending your first Zumba class, you might find the following tips from Karen useful...

"Choose comfortable gym wear for your Zumba class, with correctly fitting training shoes that support your feet.

Bring a bottle of water to ensure you stay well hydrated throughout your class.

Arrive a little early and let your instructor know that you're new to Zumba. That way, we can ensure you get settled in and learn the techniques.

Keep your eye on other members in your class. That way, if you get stuck, you can follow their lead!"

How Long Is The Class For?

"Most Zumba classes are one hour, but at Village Gym we also offer our Smart Start option which means you can participate in the first half of the class to try it out and see how you get on.

If you choose this option make sure you let your instructor know before the class starts and they will inform you of a good time to make your exit (should you decide not to stay and enjoy the party!)"

What Are The Benefits Of Zumba?

Regularly attending Zumba classes can help to improve your posture, core strength and flexibility. 

Our Zumba classes at Village Gym can help to tone the body, banish those bingo wings, firm the butt and create a slimmer looking silhouette.

How Hard Is It?

Well, it's a workout, but it's a fun one! The dance moves will be easy to follow and are suitable for all fitness levels, so although you'll work up a sweat, we won't leave you feeling drained!

Certain moves, you'll find easier than others, though hey, you're new, so you'll improve as you go along! After your first class, you'll be up to speed with a number of basic Zumba moves inspired by salsa, mambo and cool new choreography.

If you find the positions a little too challenging, feel free to go at your own space, or as Karen advises, start with a Smart Class, allowing you to leave when you're tired!

Is Zumba Good For Weight Loss?

Zumba is a great workout to opt for if you're on a weight loss journey. Here's a few reasons why:

Maximise Your Time
The amount of exertion you put into a zumba class is way more than what you can get done in the gym. The mix of bodyweight training and cardio all neatly packaged into a 60 minute class means you'll maximise your workout time. A 60 minute class burns an average of 369 calories, making it ideal for weight loss.

"It's way more fun than my usual strength training in the gym!" (An Edinburgh Zumba fan from Village Gym)

Many of the dance steps used in our zumba routines work the hips, stomach and glutes. Strengthening these key muscles groups will help to build more muscle mass, giving you a more toned appearance. Muscle tone is very slimming! The added muscle will also speed up your metabolism, keeping you burning calories long after your zumba class is done.

"I've noticed a difference in my muscle tone and how much tighter my thighs are." (A fan of zumba in Aberdeen)

Expect to work up a sweat during your zumba class. So bring a bottle of water with you. Water helps to maintain your internal pH, keeps your metabolism running and flushes out toxins. It can also help to keep you feeling fuller and less likely to snack after your workout.

Happy Hormones
A fast paced Zumba class will put you into an endorphin-release zone. This will improve your mood, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. the happier you feel, the more confident you will be about sticking to your weight loss goal.

Healthy Heart
Zumba will get the blood pumping throughout your body, making for a stronger immune system, which can more easily fight off disease. A healthy body performs much better, helping you continue to perform your best and maximise your weight loss.

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