Circuit Training Classes in Aberdeen

Ready to shake up your workout? You'll love our circuit training class in Aberdeen. A full body cardio workout, great for blasting calories and improving upper and lower body strength.

Our circuit training class combines muscle toning and aerobic exercises to ensure your whole body feels the burn.

Enjoy HIIT?

Our Aberdeen circuit training class is ideal for anyone who wants to tone up, improve their cardiovascular fitness and step out of their comfort zone.

Great for fans of HIIT classes, lovers of variety and members on a mission to lose weight. 

Our circuit workout is suitable for all ages and fitness abilities - just go at your own pace!

Circuit Training Exercises

During our Circuit Training class at Village Gym Aberdeen, expect to get to grips with some of the following exercises...

Squat Jumps Push Ups Squat to press
Burpees Tuck Jumps Jumping Jacks
Skipping Dumbbell Squats Bench Dips
Squat Thrusts Lunges Kick Backs
Hip Thrusts Bicycle Kicks Kettlebell Swings
Medicine Ball Chest Press Shuttle Runs Press Ups
Sit Ups Oblique Crunches Supermans

Lose Weight With Circuit Training

If you're keen to drop a few pounds, our Circuit Training class in Aberdeen is ideal. We'll get your heart rate up, allowing your body to burn more energy and blitz those calories.

Prepare to sweat, and feel the burn afterwards! Though it's all for the greater good. Attending regular circuit classes will help to increase your muscle mass, regulating your metabolism and helping you to reach your weight loss goals.

Circuit Training Beginner?

If you haven't yet tried a circuit training workout, our class in Aberdeen is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned circuit lovers. 

Start at your own pace and get comfortable with your own physical limitations. If an exercise feels too demanding, slow it down. If you’re a seasoned circuit class goer, we’ll throw in plenty of extra challenges to push your fitness levels to the max.

What Is Circuit Training Good For?

Not only is it huge fun, our circuit training class offers plenty of other benefits too...

Better cardio fitness Improved agility Break through plateaus
Improved muscle strength Better quality of sleep Improved co-ordination
More stamina A more toned physique More defined abs
Lose weight faster Improve breathing Increased metabolism
More energy Improve your mood Improve back pain

How Our Aberdeen Circuit Class Goes...

If you're joining a circuit training class in Aberdeen, you can expect the class to go a little like this...

Upper Body Circuit Training 
Pull ups, push ups, shoulder press

Lower Body Circuit Training
Squats, lunges, step ups

Core Circuit Training
Plank, bicycle kicks, crunches, sit-ups

Cardio Exercises
Shuttle runs, skipping, jumping jacks

Full Body Circuit Workouts
Burpees and bear crawls

Circuit Training For Seniors

The great thing about our circuit class is that it has no age limits! Whether you're under thiry or over the hill, our circuit workouts in Aberdeen are suitable for all ages.

Customise the circuit exercises to your own comfort level and abilities.

Low back pain? Add more intensity to the upper body part of the class and reduce the number of reps you perform on your back and core.

Joint pain? Make your workout less impactful on stiff joints by replacing the jumping exercises with extra abdominal work.

Asthma or breathing trouble? Reduce your speed and tackle what you can in your own time.

Many of our senior Aberdeen members love a circuit training workout before a hearty breakfast in the Village Grill!


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Fitness Gains!

Get plenty more fitness gains with the newly upgraded facilities in Aberdeen, including BURN studio, new cardio kit and extra weights. 

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