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Village Gym Aberdeen Enjoys Some Fitness Gains


We’re continually investing in our Leisure Clubs to ensure our members have everything they need to conquer their fitness goals, and get the most out of their workout.

So we've been busy upgrading the cutting-edge fitness facilities at Village Gym Aberdeen


Take a class in our brand new purpose built BURN studio.

Our bespoke BURN fitness class is a high intensity interval training class, designed to keep you constantly smashing your personal best, add fresh new challenges to your workout and increase your endurance.

Our BURN class features 7 different elements including Strength, Stamina, Speed, Power, Agility, Core and Tabata... plenty to keep your motivation high!


Our weights area has been moved and made even BIGGER, with specialised smash tile flooring for noise reduction and shock absorption. You'll find plenty of free weights and functional training kit including slam balls, farmers walk bars, sleds, dumbbells, atlas stones and wreck bags. 


Our cardio area has been relocated, allowing for more space and a better view of the gym floor from each machine. Because we know you love to people watch or check out your MyZone stats on our TV screens! We've replaced some of our older kit with brand new state-of-the-art cardio machines including Skill Runs, Skill Rows, Skill Bikes and Climbs.


We've installed brand new TVs to ensure you can keep your eye on your MyZone performance, check out fellow member's stats and keep up to date with all the action on Sky Sports.

Book a tour of Village Gym Aberdeen, then join us for a free Starbucks or a drink at the bar to chat about your fitness journey!



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