Tai Chi Styles

At Village Gym, we cover five main styles on Tai Chi within our classes. Each style focuses on a different body area through graceful and continuous movements.

Find your preferred style and make it your own.

Yang style Tai Chi involves slow movements and a focus on your relaxation levels. A great class for beginners or yoga bunnies looking for something new.

Wu style Tai Chi features micro-movements rather than large stretches. You'll move slowly, making only little movements each time. This is designed to strengthen key muscles and improve your balance.

Chen style Tai Chi is a combination of slow movements and quicker transitions. Expect to do some punching, kicking and squatting.

Sun style Tai Chi is similar to Chen style, though less physically demanding, making it a great option for older adults of Tai Chi beginners.

Hao style Tai Chi is designed to work on posture, positioning the body and strength.