Tai Chi Classes in Aberdeen

Love a little relaxation with your workout? Village Gym Aberdeen offers Tai Chi classes to soothe the soul and tone the body through a relaxing low impact workout.

Our Aberdeen Tai Chi classes offer a relaxing low impact workout that will tone the body and soothe the soul.  

Who Will Love Tai Chi

Our Aberdeen Tai Chi class is ideal for anyone who wants to get a more toned, stronger body, without sweating it out on the gym floor.

No martial arts experience is needed, just a clear mind and the ability to glide!

Many of our older Aberdeen Gym members like our Tai Chi class because it's low impact, so easy on the knees! Though it's just as popular amongst our younger members too.

Great for yoga bunnies, pilates fans, beginners or anyone keen to tone up in a group setting.

Where Tai Chi Began

Staying true to its natural origins, Tai Chi remains a mystery, but the main concepts are derived from Chinese history, Taoism, and Confucianism.

The founder of Tai Chi is believed to be a monk named Zhang Sanfeng. Zhang Sanfeng left his monastery to become a hermit and created a gentle, yet effective form of fighting.

Benefits of Tai Chi

Tone and sculpt a leaner body shape
Improve your upper and lower body strength
Improve balance and posture
Improve your coordination and agility
Relieve stress and improve mood
Learn how to breathe more effectively (great for allergy sufferers!)

Tai Chi For Weight Loss

Although our Tai Chi classes are slow and gentle in nature, they’ll still help you tone up, get stronger and develop muscle mass. As you increase your muscle mass, your body can burn fat at a faster rate, so if your goal is weight loss, Tai Chi should be on your training programme.


Tai Chi For Anxiety

Anxiety makes us feel down, low, fatigued and plays havoc on our blood pressure and mind. Tai Chi is perfect for reducing stress. The gentle, soothing movements combined with light meditation and controlled breathing will help you feel more relaxed, focussed and boost your overall mood. Tai Chi is great for our members who have long working hours, young families, hectic lifestyles or mental health problems.


Our favourite thing about Tai Chi is that anyone can do it! There are no age limits or restrictions on abilities. Just walk in and have fun with it! It’s brilliant for all our senior members because it’s a low impact workout, easy on the joints and much more fun with your bestie. Plus, it will improve your balance. Some of our older members love a good old fashioned morning Tai Chi workout, followed by a cuppa and a chat!

Tai Chi Styles

At Village Gym, we cover five main styles on Tai Chi within our classes. Each style focuses on a different body area through graceful and continuous movements.

Find your preferred style and make it your own.

Yang style Tai Chi involves slow movements and a focus on your relaxation levels. A great class for beginners or yoga bunnies looking for something new.

Wu style Tai Chi features micro-movements rather than large stretches. You'll move slowly, making only little movements each time. This is designed to strengthen key muscles and improve your balance.

Chen style Tai Chi is a combination of slow movements and quicker transitions. Expect to do some punching, kicking and squatting.

Sun style Tai Chi is similar to Chen style, though less physically demanding, making it a great option for older adults of Tai Chi beginners.

Hao style Tai Chi is designed to work on posture, positioning the body and strength.


What To Wear For Your Tai Chi Class

Our Tai Chi classes are all about movement! So you'll want to wear something that allows you to glide, bend and stretch. 

We've outlined a few pointers to put together your workout wardrobe to ensure you hit our Aberdeen class studio dressed for the occasion.


Tai Chi is focussed on breathing to relax the mind and muscles. Try this breathing technique before your Tai Chi class to help you get used to mindful breathing...

Breathe in slowly through the nose. Imagine you're following your breath as it travels, up the nose, down the back of your throat, into the lungs and finally down into your stomach.

Then, follow it as you exhale, from the stomach, up to the lungs, up the throat and out through the nose. Taking a few deep breaths using this technique, will automatically relax your mind and body, helping you to find your 'chi'.

Tai Chi For Rewards!

When starting a new fitness journey, staying motivated can be tough.

So to encourage new members to stick to their Tai Chi workouts, we'll reward you when you visit the gym 10 times (or more) in the first 30 days of your membership!



If you love yoga, you'll love BodyBalance by Les Mills. This yoga based fitness class will help to increase your body's flexibility and core strength.


Raise the Barre

Our Barre fitness class, by Les Mills, is a great choice for all fitness and flexibility levels.

Using classic ballet positions along with high repetitions of barre movements using very light weights, our Barre workout can help to improve posture and tone your body. 

The benefits of a TAI CHI class

The health benefits of a holistic class go way further than just toning and strengthening the body. 

Take a look at the other wellness-boosting effects you'll get from a tai chi class...


Our Pilates class is designed to develop physical strength and stamina, with a focus on the core. If you love our Yoga class, give Pilates a try.

Our Gym Facilities

Of course, we offer much more than Yoga! A look at our fitness facilities in Aberdeen... 


Warm up for your tai chi class with the latest cardio and resistance equipment as well as spacious, free weight and stretching areas and expert Personal Trainers.

Swimming at Village

Swimming Pool

Our 20m heated pool is perfect for a cool down after a hard workout, or a workout in itself. Afterwards, chill out in the spa pool, steam room or sauna.



Aside from tai chi, we offer a vast selection of fitness classes, from Yoga to Pilates and everything in between. Find your perfect fit at Village Gym Aberdeen.

Spin classes

Group Cycling

With 40 spin bikes, our gym in Aberdeen provides the perfect setting for your instructor-led or Virtual spinning class. Classes include Les Mills RPM and Village Spin.



Track your progress with the latest Technogym equipment and receive personalised training routines and motivation while working out to your own music.

Village Spa Aberdeen


Village Gym members benefit from special spa discounts throughout the year, so there's no excuse not to pamper yourself after a hard workout at our spa in Aberdeen.

Socialise in Club

Our Social Scene

Make those all-important weekend plans with friends over a light bite in the restaurant, a saintly salad in the bar or a smoothie in Starbucks. The perfect way to wind down after your tai chi class and enjoy our member's social scene.

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Being a member of Village Gym means more than just working out. Enjoy exclusive discounts across all of our hotels plus access to high street exclusives with our member benefits programme!

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